Monday, March 18, 2013

My new Raclette Grill

I am so happy with my new toy. Maybe in my own way, I am getting domesticated. Except my domesticated tendencies leans more towards the nicer non-essential things in life such as Coffee Machines, Milk Frothers and Raclette Grills. I guess you can only really get away with that if you live with your parents like I do. Hahaha.
Raclette that's just about ready to be served.

My friend Anna and her Mom (Tita Lits) has been very influential in the home gadgets that make it to my to buy list. Before, Raclette was just something I ordered sometimes in restaurants. But when I came back from Singapore in August, we had a Wine and Cheese night with friends from work while we were still staying at Oakwood because Anna volunteered to bring the Raclette with her mom's portable Raclette Grill.

from the Raclette and Wine Night at Oakwood

When my aunt asked me if I wanted anything from the States, out of curiosity, I just looked at Raclette Grills on Amazon, and I was so surprised because they were so affordable. I immediately ordered one and had it delivered to my aunt so she could include it in the box she was sending home.

This is my new toy.
Can you believe it? It's only $16.95!

It just took a while for the box to get here. The good thing is, my aunt who sent it to me was here when the box arrived so I said we need to have Raclette and Sausages before she left so we could try it. It was her last night here, so we had Raclette as starters to go with their Filipino dinner. Hahaha.

My bill from Santis was more expensive than the Grill. Hahaha.
I asked them to slice more for me because I wasn't sure 1 pack
would be enough.
The only catch with the grill is that its 110v.
There's a detachable top grill.
Let the cooking begin!
This was the first one we tried! Wheeeee! My toy works!
I aslo bought Hungarian Sausages for grilling.
This didn't work out so well.
My parents with Auntie Celita and their cousins.
This time I joined them.
Photo Credit: Sofia
The heat on the top grill isn't too intense. I had to cut up the sausage so
we could eat it before everyone went home. 

I love love love my new toy. Thanks Auntie Celit for sending it home. Now I can have Raclette anytime I want some. just saying.

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