Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Le Relais de l'Entrecote for Steak Frites in Paris


Le Relais de l'Entrecote is quite unique because they serve only one dish, Steak Frites, which is steak made of the contre-filet, part of the sirloin. I don't think I even remember seeing L'entrecote or Steak Frites on the menu and how much it is. I just remember the server asking us how we wanted it cooked as it is assumed that everyone who eats here (and is willing to line up for it as this place takes no reservations) will eat Steak Frites.

L'entrecote in Saint Germain
We arrived around 6:30pm because it was our first day in Paris,
so we wanted to go home early and rest.
Soon after we arrived, people started lining up
because the place opens at 7:00pm.

As soon as we were seated, the server asked us how we wanted our steak cooked, and if we wanted wine to go with it. I think there's a menu with other starters but we really didn't order anything else.

Right after ordering, the server already brings you a plate of salad.
I think it's tossed in some kind of mustard vinaigrette.
Tim ordered a bottle of red to go with our meal.
What's interesting is the server came out with a platter
 of what looked like only 2 pieces of steak cut into strips.
Then she prepared four small portions of Steak Frites,
and the rest is kept on the serving table on top of tea light candles.
The funny thing is, once everyone is served, there are loads of half orders
of Steak Frites on the table, so the server shouldn't get it confused.
This is how one serving portion looks like.
They come back and refill it with a second portion.
The steak is cooked really well and the fries are thin, crisp yet soft inside.
The key to their dish is the secret butter sauce which is rumored
to include chicken livers, thyme, full cream, Dijon mustard, and butter.

The only thing I don't like about this place is that the serving might not be enough if everyone is hungry, or maybe it just makes you feel that way because they come out with only two pieces to be shared by a group of four. If you're seated near the window or near the doorway, you'll also feel quite a bit pressured to stand up faster, instead of taking your time to savor your meal because the queue gets really long very fast and the people who are waiting really look hungry and impatient. So remember to come a few minutes just before 7pm to make sure you get a table.

L'Entrecote has three locations in Paris and one in Geneva.
To get an indication of the price range,
this was our bill for four with a bottle of wine.

L'Entrecote is also considered to one of the best places for Steak Frites in Paris. I would love to come back, but then I've always been a carnivore. just saying.

le Relais de l'Entrecote
20 Rue Saint-Benoit
Saint Germain 
+33 01 4549 1600

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