Saturday, April 27, 2013

New York Day 0 and Tokyo Stopover

Hello from Greenwich, CT!

I think we traveled for a full day, give or take a few hours. We took the 930am ANA flight from Manila with a quick stop-over in Tokyo that gave us just enough time to eat and buy some snacks.

The service in ANA was good enough but the meals were really bad. The best part was the rice, and I normally avoid carbs like hell.

The first thing I did in Narita was look for food.
I had chashu ramen with tamago and gyoza.
Sofia had 2 pieces of huge tempura with rice.
Ady ordered Soba with Ebi Tempura.

I barely slept on the 12 hour flight to New York but at least my stomach was happy for first half of the flight.

We arrived as scheduled, and it was a pleasant surprise that clearing immigration and customs was a breeze. Auntie Celita picked us up and as soon as we dropped of our bags operation Spoil Sofia had begun. 

My little girl is in heaven because Lola Celita already took her to 2 playgrounds and bought her 2 pairs of shoes with lights and bling.

More on that next time as our official itinerary starts tomorrow. Need to catch some Zzzzzz's.

Just wanted to blog using my new Samsung Galaxy Tab from my dad.
Thanks Papa!
Typing is a bit difficult, but it can be done! Maybe I'll be able to blog while vacationing.  just saying.

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