Thursday, May 2, 2013

Deadly dinner at M. Wells in MoMA PS1

Dinner is best when it's deadly.

When we were planning our New York itinerary, we searched the web for MUST EAT places, and we watched Anthony Bourdain's New York layover episode.

One of the places he mentioned was M Wells Dinette. Once I heard the words foie gras and bone marrow, the place made it to our wishlist. After further research, we read an old article from the New York Times that said "M Wells had to die so New York could live." as they've  moved from their old location due to a rent issue, to MoMA PS1 on Long Island. Just the thought of death inducing food really excited me.

Things fell right into place when my aunt who lives in Astoria (and who has worked so long at the MoMA she's like a stockholder already) invited us over to her place nearby for a gathering with our aunts and cousins based here for lunch, then she put us on the list at PS1 so we could go after for a quick look and so we could eat (again!) at M Wells.

Lunch with the titas at Tita Bu's flat
Sofia with cousins Amelia and Maribel

PS1 was just a few minutes away by car. We arrived before 5 so there was enough time to look around the museum first before they closed at 6pm.
We decided PS1 could stand for Princess Sofia 1.
M Wells follows museum hours
When you enter the museum,
 you'll see the dome where they do events.
Then if you walk further, M Wells is to your right.
The dinette looks like a classroom.
The menu (which changes) is on the board.
Auntie Celita waited for us at the restaurant
while we looked around.

We were told that there wasn't a lot to see because they were fixing some of the installations,  but we were told not to miss the James Turell (who we've bever heard off before).

On our way, Sofia showed me a hole in the floor.
There was vertical art on the walls going up.
I don't get Modern Art.
You need to enter this door to see it.
We were so surprised to see this.
A bare room with benches!
And no ceiling! 
People were just lying there, looking at the sky.

Afterwards, we headed back to the dinette for an early dinner.

We ordered the Bone Marrow Tart with escargot
and mushrooms. This was really good.
Death by bone marrow.
So much better in a tart than in Bulalo.
They only had foie gras with rabbit terrine so I opted to order the Chicken Liver mousse dish with fruit meringue instead.
Uncle Charles tea sandwich.
Salty liver mousse meets sweet fruit meringue.
A tea sandwich like no other. Another favorite.
Then we ordered Pork Belly & clams in white wine sauce.
Can you spot the pork belly?
Death by fat.
If you search for meat, you won't find any. Not even a sliver.
We felt it was such a rip-off for US$24 that we even asked our server if it was really meant to be just fat. Sofia's theory is that they run out of pork and gave us whatever they could find. Our server checked with the chef who said Belly was all fat! Hahaha! I told them they should re-name the dish to Pork Fat and clams instead as it was quite expensive to charge $24 for 4 pieces of clams.

They gave us our bill, which totaled to $65 after tax and tip, but they came back to us to tell us they'd take it of our bill after clearing dishes and they realized that fat wasn't really our poison of choice.

Over-all I enjoyed the other dishes enough to want to come back if I find myself in the area, but I'd probably settle for their starters instead of risk another misinterpretation of their main course. just saying.

22-25 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City
New York

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