Sunday, May 26, 2013

Modeling for the Fox International Channels Mom Event

When my cousin asked me last week if Sofia and I wanted to join the Fashion Show for the Fox Mom event, we immediately said yes. I admit I am a bit of a stage mom, and we're all for basking in our five seconds or five minutes of fame and all that.

The only downside was having to email the organizers my real measurements. I didn't round down or use words like "around - with a number a few inches less" because there was no way I wanted to get stuck with a tight and ill-fitting outfit to model. Hahaha. Reality bites.

We arrived early because the call time was 1pm.
Our no make-up look was done
 at the benefit booth.
David's did our hair.
There was a nail booth but we already had our nails done at home.
Sof asked for a rainbow pedicure using
her color-changing nail polish. 

We had a lot of time to kill so we were able to go around and participate in some of the booths before it got too busy.

You get a passport when you register.
Sofia at the make your own bracelet booth
with Ninang Ria.
Sof made bracelets for herself, me,
and for Ninang Ri.
There was also a cupcake decorating booth.
And cookie decorating kits.

The Unilever booths were very popular so we didn't bother lining up.

The Breeze booth had a long line of Sige Moms!
The Lady's Choice booth also had a long line of moms and kids
making sandwiches with real meat and real love.

Since we didn't want to do anything that had a long line we had our picture taken instead.

After we had our picture taken, one of the organizers asked us if we'd like to join the wooden spoon mommy game.

I had to find Sofia with a wooden spoon,
while blindfolded. We didn't win.

After killing more time, it was finally our call time to get ready.

Behind the scenes,  before and after the fashion show.
I wore a Plains and Prints faux flapper dress
with my nude MiuMiu wedges and Sofia wore a
Big and Small Company dress with her gold Zara sandals. 
Everyone said Sofia was such a natural.
I am a proud stage mom.
Lukey and Alay also rocked!

We really enjoyed our five minutes of fame.

Thanks for the flowers.

We'd love to do it again. just saying.

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