Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Must Eat Burgers at Shake Shack

One of the places on Ady's Must-Eat-List in New York was Danny Meyer's Shake Shack.

We went to the 44th Street Branch near Braodway,
after we watched Cinderella.
Even at around 4:30pm there was a long line outside.
It's a good thing Sofia bought 2 skateboards.
We had somewhere to sit. Hahaha.
You can already look at the menu while in line.
Even when you get inside, there's still a line, but it's organized chaos.
After you order you get the shakin' thing that lets you
know when your order is ready.
The tables at the Shake Shack come from recycled wood.
Getting a table is difficult. This horribly inconsiderate
family refused to stand up even when they finished eating.
They even got upset every time someone asked
if they were done. Duh. This is a Crowded Fast Food place.
We were only able to sit together after inconsiderate family finally
stood up.
We had such a big lunch, we only ordered this to share.
Auntie Celit ordered the Cheeseburger.
Ady and I shared the Shack Stack.
The Shroom Burger (Deep Fried Portobello Mushroom with Cheese)
in our Shack Stack looked to die for.
This is the cross section of the Shack Stack.
It's actually even better than it looks!
We also ordered the best seller shake, Black and White.
I think it had chocolate and peanut butter but I just
found it to be too rich. just saying.

I can't wait to go back to the Shake Shack when I'm hungry so I can do more justice to the food. Too bad it's all the way in New York 20 hours or so away. just saying.

visit their website for branches in the U.S.

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