Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's Tarry Market for the Best Prime Rib Sandwich

My aunt knows how we go as far as traveling to another country for food, and how the places we want to eat in actually shape our itinerary in any given place. So on one of our shop-near-Greenwich, Connecticut days, she brought us to Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's Tarry Market in Port Chester to try their famous Porcini-rubbed Prime Rib Sandwich.

Before we went for lunch, Auntie Celita took us to see how the Rich and Famous live in Greenwich.

We also tried to pass the place where Bobby Flay's food truck has been spotted, but it wasn't there when we passed.
My aunt has seen Bobby Flay's Food Truck around before.
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We were very hungry when we arrived in Tarry Market.
Tarry Market in Port Chester
It's in the same building that houses Tarry Wine.
You see an eating area when you enter Tarry Market
and a selection of Food to Go.
You can buy their famous Rib-Eye sandwich and have it pressed.
At the back of the cafe, they have a nice Fresh Food Market.
Say Cheese!
Freshly baked bread.
The clock says it all.
Purveyors of Fine Food.
They had different food stations but we went straight
for the Rotisserie.
This is the Porcini-rubbed Prime Rib.
You can ask them to make a Fresh Sandwich for you.
The edges are best because it's really tasty.
It comes in a freshly baked crusty-bread that can give Eric Keyser's
artisanal baguette a run for his money.
Out of curiosity, we also tried the Arancini Rice Balls.
Even if you buy your food at the market, you can sit down and eat it at the Cafe.
The Best Prime Rib sandwich ever. More Prime Rib than bread.
Plus the crusty bread was also so good.
Sofia loved the Prime Rib.
The Arancini Rice Balls were also good. It was heavy because it's made
of Arborio Rice, and it could do with more meat, but it was tasty.
After suffering so many days of crappy American Coffee,
I was just so happy to have authentic Italian Espresso options.
There's a handmade sign explaining the different types of coffee.
I was extremely happy with the Machiato I ordered.
Ady ordered a giant Hot Chocolate because she didn't read the sign.
They have the most creatively designed loyalty card.
Sofia was so happy the Hot Chocolate was so big
they could share.
Small cup for Mom, Giant cup for Fi.
Tarry Market also has nice Fresh Flowers.
I know what they do with it when they're no longer fresh.
They find their way into the salad. just kidding.

We really enjoyed Tarry Market's Porcini-Rubbed Prime Rib Sandwiches, not to mention their excellent coffee that really stands out in the land of crappy coffee. Tarry Market is definitely another place to go back to the next time we're in Connecticut. just saying.

179 North Main Street
Port Chester, NY 10573
Phone: 914-253-5680

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