Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WaWaWow (Doll Forest) Soft Toy themed Cafe

When we went to the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, the deal we made with Sofia was that after lunch, we would go to the Stuffed Toy themed Cafe which is referred to online as the WaWaWow or Doll Forest Cafe.

The Cafe is on the second floor so look for this.
You'll be welcomed by rows and rows of giant soft toys.
There are tables lining the side of the Cafe.
I don't get the appeal, but it was so full of locals.
We couldn't even get a nice table.
Sofia enjoyed posing the the soft toys.
Tickling Pink Panther.
Same Face.
Bananas anyone?
Gigil hug.
Tito Jong - Need another Snoopy?
Can you spot the huskies?
Before we had huskies I didn't know they look like this.
There were also bears with bushy brows.
They also have a lot of Totoro dolls.
It comes it hat form too!
Ordering is a challenge because they don't speak English.
I ordered Strawberry Milk Tea and it was pretty good.
However, I think our table had the dirtiest tablecloth on earth.
Sofia liked the drink.
Ady ordered something that she didn't like.
This is the Sofia and Ninang face off -
where Sofia is insisting Ady finish her drink -
and Ady refusing.

We finally gave up on waiting to secure a nice clean table with swing seats because the people on it were taking forever to leave. If you love soft toys, you should visit. Sofia had loads of fun. The dolls are also for sale. No need to order anything, our drinks weren't really remarkable. just saying.

Address2F, #28 ÉMéi St, Wanhua District, Taipei City
Phone: (02) 2331 8346
MRT: Ximen, Exit 6

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