Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guy Savoy's Atelier Maître Albert in Paris


On our last night in Paris, we ate at Guy Savoy's L'Atelier Maitre Albert because we were so tired, we wanted to have dinner some place nice, that was also nearby, so this place fit the bill. We didn't do any research so we arrived without any reservations, and without knowing what to expect.

The restaurant was on the same street as our flat,
on the end closer to Notre Dame.
It turned out that this place was a Rotisserie.
The service was good. They took our coats as we entered,
and the ambiance was cozy. You can see the Rotisserie at the back.
The art on the walls was modern and loud,
but it suited the place well.
As soon as we sat down we were given cold cuts that were good.
And crusty brown bread to go with it.
Since everything shouted chicken,
I decided to order chicken.
I really loved the Fresh Seasonal Salad with Sauteed Chicken Livers
Everything was so tasty, including the buttered bread,
this was the best part of my meal.
I ordered the Spit-Roasted Free Range Chicken with Mashed Potatoes
It was good, but quite ordinary.
They are generous with their sides, even giving us an extra
Mashed Potato dish to share.
Lysch ordered the slice of Spit-Roasted Beef with Bearnaise Sauce. 
It was served with Potato Gratin.

We were not in the mood to order dessert because we still had macarons from LaDuree in our flat.

I enjoyed the ambiance and the starter more than the main course, but the meal was still good value for a Guy Savoy restaurant. They also have set menus for lunch and dinner available. I would not mind coming back the next time in Paris if I were staying in the same area but I'll try something else for my main course. just saying.

Atelier Maître Albert 
1 Rue Maître Albert
75005 Paris

+33 01 56 81 30 01

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