Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekday Brunch at Em by the River in Singapore


I loved brunch and I love having brunch in Singapore. However, I didn't realize how hard it was to find a brunch place on a week day until I had a day to spend in Singapore waiting to catch my flight to Paris at night.

Most of our favorite brunch places only had their brunch menu on weekends. I was very happy to find that Em by the River (on Robertson Quay, very near where I used to live) served brunch even on weekdays.

The place was quite deserted when we went there
for brunch. This was around noon time on a Friday.
The place was nice. Singapore is hot,
but they had a lot of trees.
One of the seats under the sun was cement.
I can just imagine how that that is. Maybe you can fry an egg there.
I read Expat Living while waiting for our food.
I really miss my expat life and salary.
Tim with the river behind him. The river is not much
to look at, but I still like being near water.
I ordered eggs benedict and I was very happy with what I got.
The eggs were poached really well. Soft and runny.
It was definitely nothing like the CRAPPY and OVER-PRICED
Eggs Benedict we got from the brunch at the Sky on 57, a Celebrity
 Chef (who should be ashamed) restaurant in Marina Bay Sands
Tim ordered Schitzel because he wanted real food,
while I was the only one who wanted brunch.

So if you want Eggs Benedict on a weekday, just go to Em by the River and relax while you eat it. Just how brunch should be enjoyed. just saying.

Em by the River

The Gallery Hotel Singapore  

Robertson Quay, Singapore 238909

+65 6836 9691

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