Friday, May 31, 2013

Enjoying MoMA's Cafe 2, Shop, Art Lab and some of the exhibits

It was a very busy day when we visited the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) because it was raining, and some the other museums in Manhattan were closed because it was a Monday. We really planned to visit the MoMA because an aunt of mine works there, Sofia loves visiting museums to do their family trails, and I absolutely love Museum Gift Shops. You can read my post of the highlights of the Pompidou's Museum Shop here.

We arrived just in time for our lunch reservation at Danny Meyer's Cafe 2. It was only when we were planning where to eat at the museum did I learn from my aunt that Cafe 2 was owned by the same guy who owns Shake Shack so we didn't want to be late for that.

Cafe 2 serves Italian Trattoria food
The line was long from the time we arrived till the museum closed.
We were very happy to walk straight in :)
The place is very busy with customers sharing tables and
Andy Warhol's Mao on the walls
(which was good since we didn't make it in time to see his part of the exhibit).
We were given a free platter of Olives, Cold Cuts and Cheese by
my aunt's friends at the Cafe.
I'm not a olives fan, but the cold cuts and cheese were really good.
We also had crispy flat bread to go with it.
We also got a complimentary Bruschette sampler.
They sent us the ones that we didn't order.
We ordered this Bruschette Selection.
We also had the Arugula Salad with dried beef, stinky cheese, walnuts
and cranberries.
My favorite dish was the Tomato Tart that we ordered to share.
Sofia's order was the Pasta and Cookies from the Kid's Meal.
Thank you very much for lunch Tita Bu!
Tita Ignie and Auntie Celit spoiling the little girl.
We had tiramisu with coffee for dessert.
Sofia was getting sleepy so it's good that the French
guy beside us was funny.
He pretended to cut his finger.
Using the Parma Ham which he ate.
After stuffing ourselves with an excellent lunch, we went to the next best part of every Museum.

The Shop
Home of all things cute and overpriced
As usual, they had so much cute stuff.
Like these 3D soft baguette sandwich and pizza.
Sucker for all things cute that can be considered educational,
I caved in and bought this book for Sofia.
It includes 6 reproductions and 20 frames so Sofia can also frame her work.
Place mats that encourages creativity
Magnetic learn how to write, Tots bought this for Jamie.
Andy Warhol paper
And other souvenirs
Scratch Paper Weights
Make Your Own New York Buildings Post Cards
All the Modern Museums now have Washi Tape
A posher version of the Zesto Bag
Pantone Toothbrushes
Overpriced Rainbow Kitchen Stuff 
I also bought this. Post-it Sketch Frames.
Realistic Food Pouch collection.
I've seen them too in Japan.
New York is great but my heart belongs to Paris.
Sofia just sat on a shelf while I looked around.
We met Tots and Jamie at the shop,
before we started their play date.
They entertained themselves while the mommies shopped.
After shopping, we went to the Art Lab so the kids could play.
We helped them make Shadow Puppets.
Then there's a screen so you can put on a show.
Sofia made a house with a boy and a girl.
The Art Lab has different activities depending on the kid's age.
There's also an Art Lab App you can download.
Even Ady was enjoying the Art Lab.
Sofia made a face with Shapes.
While Jamie made a (Poop) Face with letters.
In-door museum fun!
We left the ArtLab 30 minutes before closing time so we had time to breeze through the Museum highlights that we wanted to see.
Moo Face
With the Campbell's display outside the museum restaurant.
Tots and Jamie
We saw one of Van Gogh's Starry Night.
We saw a Klimt that was not an Ikea reproduction.
We saw Edward Munch's Scream.
And I was able to do this.
It really went well with my Scream Photo Collage.
As we were walking around, Sofia recognized this from the activity cards
so they did Ring Around the Rosie.
Sofia and Jamie got along quite well for their first play date.
We ran out of time and they refused to let us enter the Andy Warhol exhibit. Now we know half day is not enough to do the MoMA justice.

Thank you very much for our day at the MoMA Tita Bu :)

The MoMA is definitely on our list of our must-visit-again places in New York. I am actually sensing a pattern here. The next time we go to New York, we definitely need more than 3 days. just saying.

The Museum of Modern Art

11 W 53rd St  New York, 
NY 10019, United States
+1 212-708-9400
Open 7 days a week (except on Christmas and Thanksgiving)

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