Friday, September 12, 2014

Cucchietta, my favorite hole in the wall place in Firenze

When I was in Florence earlier this year, I stayed at a lovely B&B in the Le Cure neighborhood (which you can read about here), and one of the perks of living like a local that my landlord shared with me is the proxity of good neighborhood restaurants and cafes in the area.

My landlord gave me a list of places, and I liked the one I tried on my first night so much that I was back again on the following night.
La Cucchietta is this seemingly tiny place on
Via Agnolo Firenzuola, a few streets away from where
I stayed.
However, it leads to a roomier place inside, which had a nice and bright
ambiance. They had no English menu, the really good looking
guy behind the post was happy enough to translate the whole menu for me.
He was so good looking, it felt like his eyes were eating me up as he was translating, and he ended up recommending either the steak with berry compote or the risotto with the cheese and pear, so in full flirty mode, I just told him to surprise me. Hahaha. and if I liked his choice, I would be back.

They served me some freshly made bread that looked like
seasoned pizza crust while I was waiting for my main.
Cucchietta has an open kitchen.
So you can actually see them prepare the meals.
Dinner on my first night was so good. Well cooked steak slices that
went really well with the berry sauce, served with a side salad.
The beef was nice and pink in the middle.
The food was also very reasonable at 20 Euros for my meal.

Since I was extremely happy with dinner the first night. I came back the next day to find the restaurant pretty full, so it's best to make a reservation if you decide to go, but since they recognized me, they asked me to wait and they found a place where they could squeeze me in.

This time around I decided to go for the Pear and Cheese Risotto
that the handsome guy recommended.
It was also good and filling, I didn't really miss the meat.

I was tempted to go back on my third night there, but that may border on stalkerish behavior, so I opted to try something new. Cucchietta was definitely much better though. just saying.

You can also visit their website in Italian here.

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