Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Celebrants and Family Mooncake Game

We had our annual September Tansengco reunion this year to celebrate the birthdays of Lukey (who was sick), Auntie Stella, Ninang Angeli, and Jo-E as well as the moon cake dice game which Ria organized for Miggy, her brother, who won last year. 

Sofia made snowskin mooncakes for everyone, since we took a class
to learn how to make them when we lived in Singapore.
She loves it so much, she even bought the ingredients
from Singapore so we can make them in Manila.
Next year, watch out for Chocolate flavored ones!!!
It's very easy to make. A lot of kneading and rolling is involved.
You can get the recipe here.
One recipe only makes around 20 pieces, so we had to make another
batch so there would be enough for the house, after we gave them away.
I'm so proud of this little girl. She can make these
around 85% on her own now.
Because we were busy making snowskin mooncake for everyone, and the traffic was really bad, we sort of arrived really late, so instead of playing pua tiong chu before dinner, we just took pictures with the celebrants, then we left to have dinner at Dad's.
Happy Birthday September celebrants!!!
Yes, 1 cake to share - blow only 1 candle. Hahaha.

Sorry - no pictures from the dinner. I was too busy ordering refills of my Saisaki Steak and Green Mango Shake.

When we got back to the flat, bored cousins played 1-2-3 Pass - Silly Props
edition, while waiting for everyone to get back.
My favorite part of the night was when Ninang shared her Angel charms
with us, I was so happy with my new Eros Charm I had to dig out my charm
collection so I could play with everything.
I love it when an event organizer arranges the prizes!!!
Great Job Ria!!!
 Since Kiko won, he should top this!!! Hahaha.
It was a slow night for the chong guan. Only Tita Alma
was able get it, but her combination was not high enough.
The whole night we were bugging Ria and Miggy to give Sofia and Lukey someone to boss around!!! We're all for history repeating itself, so here are some practice Family Pictures to convince them.

The prizes were so nice, and the family was so nice, I think it was a good game for everyone. You just need to loudly "dibs" the prizes you want, so if someone else wins it, they sort of get convinced to allow you to trade. September celebrants (like Auntie Stell) get more lee-way. She got a whole lot of birthday gifts from the Cheetos and Purple striped pencils that everyone won!
Sofia was one of the big winners.
This is her loot, before everyone gave her their pencils.
We traded the jacket Sofia won for the huge
Dulce de Leche jar. Hooray!!!

Can't wait to play and use the "dibs" strategy again next year! Hahaha. I didn't realize it was so effective. I love my family. just saying.

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