Wednesday, September 3, 2014

EDSA Beverage Design Group (BDG)

If you're a coffee lover, and you like going to hole in the wall - great find places, then you'll probably enjoy visiting EDSA Beverage Design Studio. I've heard about it from friends, otherwise, there's no way I'd find it, since it doesn't even have signage. The only clue I had in looking for it was it's on EDSA (duh! it's named that way for a reason) and my friends said that it's near Sambokojin (the Triple V building that used to house Kamayan and Saisaki).

My friends and I normally hang out at UCC whenever we have lunch in the Greenhills area, so after our Moon Cake Dice game (which you can read about here) last Sunday, I convinced my friends to try this new place instead since it was just a mater of moving our cars (but turns out Tiana just drove us all) 1km forward.

We had to confirm with the guard that we were at the right place, and that the place was open, since the lower floor, looked industrial with sort of an abandoned warehouse feel (dramatic description much!). However, the guard just assured us that it was open and told us to go right in. 

The only clue that we were at the right place, was the words on the door.
On our way up, we were greeted by a large
chalk board at the landing.
Since the word VIBES was erased, I guess someone wasn't happy with the
NO bringing of BAD VIBES house rule.
The second floor seems like an open stock room on the left.
Actually, if you look closely downstairs, you'll also see this logo,
engraved on the cement before you enter. I saw it when we exited.
The right side is a big space with an open bar in the center.
I think they specialize in coffee by day, and alcoholic beverages at night.
We were given a makeshift table (by design) in the corner,
and Sof was even given a choice of big or small chair.
Photos by Sofia:
Behind us was an enclosed area with tables and chairs
 and some men's shoes and jeans which looked very well merchandised.
Our right side has a sliding door leading to the balcony overlooking EDSA.
The shoes I was referring to. Jeans display on the right is not in the picture.

The coffee menu was pretty simple. Espresso, Espresso with Water, and Brewed Coffee - all Php100. Espresso with Milk Php120. It was so simple I even memorized it. They also have some food options but I barely glanced at that - so sorry, no recall.

We were quite surprised that the menu was quite simple, but when we asked the barista what our options were, he had a wealth of information to share. Basically, the barista will tell you about the different roasts that they are using for that day - so when we went, the options were a Kenya brew (which he described to have brown sugar notes) and an Ethiopia brew (which he described to be tea like with lemon grass like notes). We were all leaning towards ordering the Kenya brew (he had us an brown sugar notes!) and to me that didn't make sense when you're trying a new place - so I ordered a latte instead (Espresso with Milk it is!), while Tiana opted to go for the Ethiopia brew, and just to be different Faith had the Kenya iced coffee while Chipsy had hers hot.

Their service was really wonderful because the barista also offered Sofia a drink, but the guy at the counter already said that he was already whipping up a surprise drink for her.
Sofia was so excited to get her own drink,
and she even got served first!
The barista made her a glass of steamed milk with a shot
of coconut syrup.
Got Milk?
Sofia's drink must have been good. I didn't get to try any. 
An artistic Sofia photo which seemed apt for this artistic place.

The baristas at work:

More photos by Sofia while we were waiting for our order:
I loved the latte art on my latte, and I loved the latte too.
I noticed that they really don't serve the drinks with sugar,
and when I asked the barista, he said it's so you really can enjoy the brew.
In fairness, the coffee didn't need the sugar.
Cheers! Yes, Sofia included!
The service is so great, Faith got 2 glasses of iced coffee because the
barista brewed 2 so he gave it to her anyway. I love service like that.
and I also love Buy 1 Get 1. Hahaha. #suckerforasale

I am sure, Sofia will now choose to visit this place over UCC any day because not only was she given a free drink, they also have a real pinball machine too! You just need to buy a token for P20 to play a game with 3 balls.
Auntie Tiana and Sofia had a Pinball Face-Off.
The game must have been highly stressful because
Tians was sort of screaming. Hahahaha.
When it was Sofia's turn, she was really intense!
Focus on the ball, not on Mom with the camera...
And the winner is...
Sofia with a lead of close to 55,000 points!!!

I could resist taking a picture of the oranges and the ginger sitting on the bar.
I think they use it for the cocktails.

Sofia and Tiana wanted to do a rematch but the place started to get busy, and we started to hear thunder so we wanted to rush to get back to our cars so we didn't have to get wet in the rain.
We didn't realize that you're normally supposed to order and pay at the
counter when you enter. But they are flexible enough to take your order
and serve you anyway. I also told them we had the latte and the milk,
but they told me Sofia's milk was free. 

Great Service, Great Coffee (and a pinball machine to keep Sofia entertained), I will definitely come back. just saying.

EDSA Beverage Design Studio
G/F CLMC Building, 
209 EDSA, Mandaluyong,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact No. (632) 631-9035
You can visit their website here.

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