Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hot Star Taiwanese Fried Chicken now in Manila

I love Taiwanese Chicken Chops, in fact, whenever we're in Taipei, we always have Hot Star Chicken was part of our visit to Shilin Night Market. The only thing better than Taiwanese Chicken from Taipei, is Taiwanese Chicken Chops from Shilin in Singapore since they serve their Chicken Chops boneless and chopped (vs the original Taiwan way where it includes the bone).

Hot Star Chicken opened their first branch a few months back at Blue Bay Walk (near MOA) which is quite far from us, so while I've been wanting to try it, I told myself that we can visit it when we needed to go to MOA.

We finally got the chance when we had tickets to watch the 7PM Disney Live Show at the MOA Arena last Friday. I was bringing Sofia and my godson Lukey so I thought it would be perfect if we had an early dinner around 6pm so I'd finally get to try Hot Star Chicken in the Philippines.

I've never heard of Blue Bay Walk before but it's a fairly new development
with the look and feel of BGC High Street, but without the crowds.
We arrived in time to catch the sunset sky.
Hot Star is located near the left part of the complex (look for the big A)
beside Bon Chon and Army Navy.
The place is decorated with pictures of Large
Fried Chicken Chops.
With my inaanak.
The menu is localized for the Philippine Market because they don't have
spaghetti and sandwiches in Taiwan or other countries for that matter.
The Large Fried Chicken still looks the same, but of course in the Philippines
you have an option to order it with rice.
Yup! Still bigger than my hand... or my face for that matter...
Another local tweak is the unlimited Rice Gravy.
You can help yourself to it, but only if you're a Dine In Customer.

We sort of had to rush through dinner so we would make it in time to catch our show.

I couldn't resist doing a comparison of the picture on the wall
vs the real thing and I agree that it looks the same.
Don't get intimidated with the size. It's just 1 whole chicken breast,
that they pound thinly, and coat with a lot of breading.

My verdict is that I think the seasoning is a bit inconsistent. Sofia complained that hers was too salty, I thought mine was bland, and my mom said that the spicy chicken here is spicier than the Taipei version. Over-all it's not too bad, especially since it's priced quite reasonably (Chicken at Php110 and Chicken with Rice and Drink Php135) but I won't drive all the way to Blue Bay Walk or Katipunan (their second store) because I won't be craving for it.

I also tried the Almond Crush (Ph45) it works quite
well as a palate cleanser, but I don't understand why
it was served with crushed black gulaman under since
the picture on the menu board did not have it.

Since the MOA Arena was very near, we arrived just in time for the show. This time around it was Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales.

Snow While with the seven dwarfs who looked bigger than her.
Cinderella (our favorite characters were the silly step sisters).
Horsing around with Sofia's Minnie Ears at intermission.
And the last story was Beauty and the Beast, which embarrassingly,
I knew all the songs to.
The show was pretty short, perfect for kids with short
attention spans, but my dad still fell asleep and Sofia
was outraged he was wasting his ticket.
Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy played the role of narrators
and was present for the finale when everyone lived happily ever after.

Over-all, quite a good way to end the stressful week. Disney always delivers on that. just saying.

Hot Star Fried Chicken

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