Friday, September 5, 2014

I don't get what's all the fuss about Ichiran

The last time we went to Osaka, we tried out Ichiran, a ramen place by the Dotonbori River that was highly recommended. It's the place beside my favorite Takoyaki place which always has long lines (but I never figured out what the long lines are for).

We planned to have late dinner at 9pm after most of
the shops closed. I thought this was the line...
Then I was informed the line was actually this long. People were actually
eating takoyaki (place at the end which also has lines) while waiting.
We got to enjoy the sight of the Dotonbori river while waiting.
While waiting, you're given a form to fill out.
Seems like they get a lot of Chinese visitors - because
the first thing they ask is if you want a Chinese form.
I also filled out the Additional Items that I wanted, because I didn't
realize that you didn't need to for your initial order.
When it's finally your turn, you line up at one of the
2 vending machines to put in your order ---
Additional items included!
Then you wait for assistance to be seated.
They look at the seat panel to see where there are vacant seats.
If the place is full, you can opt to be seated separately.
It doesn't really matter who you seat beside because
each place looks like this. They get your paper -
and prepare your ramen how you said you like it.
You can actually open the divider if you're sitting beside friends.
Ady while waiting for her ramen.
They have instructions on how it's supposed to work,
which is nonsense since you feel out the form while waiting downstairs.
My sad looking bowl of ramen.
They also have the instructions in English.
But you normally read it after you fill your order.
Once your order is served, they put down the curtain
so you can eat in peace. Everyone has their own water
fountain so you don't need to ask for anything.
This place is perfect for loners.
I didn't realize that in this place you just get the bare bones (or in this case-
bear broth). There was no extra bean sprouts or bamboo or whatever
ingredients you don't recognize - but taste really good in your ramen.
(so that's why there was a long list of additional options!)
The egg made it a little bit better - but I'm really not a fan.
I won't line up for this with so many great ramen options available.
At least Jenny really enjoyed hers.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of their toilet wall.
Who needs this much tissue? 

You can read my top ramen picks in Osaka here
Give me Kenryu (Orange Dragon) Ramen or Ippudo any day. 
My favorite no frills ramen. No frills. No line. Really Good.
Just buy your coupon from the Vendo. Order the Double Pork.
My favorite Ramen with frills. It even comes with unlimted bean sprouts
on the side. It's really the best. 

Don't get me wrong, Ichiran is not bad, I just don't get what all the fuss is about, and I definitely will never line up for it again. just saying.

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