Friday, September 19, 2014

CONCETTO by saveur for great pasta and steak

Eating out is quite expensive in Singapore, so when we find a restaurant that's centrally located (ie around the Orchard area) that serves good food for affordable prices, it immediately becomes one of our favorite restaurants.

I love Saveur because they have a generous serving of pan-seared foie gras for SG$8.90, you can read my post on their first branch in Purvis St. here, and my post on their branch in Far East Plaza here.

When we were planning where to eat for our Singapore trip last weekend, Tim recommended Saveur's newest restaurant, Concetto,  which offers Italian food like the squid-ink risotto he was raving about, and the carbonara that had me drooling when I saw it on their website.

It was a good thing, Tala, Pau and Luna were also free and could meet us for dinner at Concetto, so we also got to catch up.
Tala and Pau were based in Sri Lanka when Luna was born,
roughly around the same time I was there for work.
I am so happy this pretty little girl did not grow up to look like Tito Ian.
Concetto is located at the ground floor of The Cathay (near Plaza Singapura).
We went on a busy night because there was a Singapore Night Festival Event when we were there so we had to wait for a table. You normally do this by entering your details and we even got a reply that they could not accomodate a big group so we just did the reservation twice - and asked them to seat us together.
As mentioned above, Concetto is the newest restaurant of the Saveur group.
This was the carbonara I was craving for since I saw it on their website.
You can opt to change your pasta to Fresh Pasta for SG$2 more.
Look at that perfectly poached egg. Though the pork is quite similar to the
Saveur dish which we just had at lunch, it goes really well together.
You can never go wrong with fresh pasta and a generous sprinkling of bacon.
Carbonara SG$10.90, with Fresh Pasta SG$12.90.
We also ordered the Squid Ink Risotto SG$11.90 which grew on me.
It had a generous serving of squid but I was expecting a Paella Negra,
so I think my subconscious was looking for the aioli.
We also ordered the Wagyu Tender SG$26.90 which came with
four slices of tender beef and a small serving of pan-seared foie gras.
Tim ordered the Beef Oyster Blade SG$15.90 and his order of Squid Ink
Risotto that he didn't want to share, but I preferred the Wagyu.
It's been a long time since these 2 girls last met.
Pau and Tala moved to Singapore, just as we were moving
back to Manila. Then we also saw Luna on her first birthday.
With Tita Tala
The two cuties with the mommies.
For dessert, we ordered a Tiramisu SG$10.90,
and they served it in a deconstructed, very artistic way.
Luna, smart kid that she is, immediately claimed the dessert,
 but she was nice enough to share.
Surprisingly, it was really good, and it tasted just like how
you expect Tiramisu to taste.
Sofia isn't really a fan of Italian places so I grabbed her Tim Ho Wan,
and her favorite bread from 7-11 beforehand, but she enjoyed the chocolate.

It turned out to be a Saveur kind of day because we also met up with Jenny and Doc at Saveur for lunch. No complaints from my end.
We ordered the staples. Pasta starter for Tim, Braised Pork Belly with
Poached Egg is always everyone's favorite, and Foie Gras with lentils for me.
Sofia as usual had Old Chang Kee from across the street.
Offer me foie gras, and I'll say Yes! any day.
Ady tried the mushroom tart SG$9.90
We also ordered the Chicken Breast with truffle mash SG$16.90
and it was surprisingly good (given the disappointing presentation).

Ady and I agreed that we prefer Concetto to Saveur, many due to the Fresh Pasta and the Risotto - especially since you can get our favorite Pork Confit and Foie Gras as sides to our order anyway. just saying.

CONCETTO by saveur
The Cathay 
2 Handy Road #01-11 
Singapore 229233


5 Purvis St 
Singapore 188584

14 Scotts Rd 

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