Monday, April 13, 2015

Best Hot Chocolate in Paris from Angelina

Fancy having a cup of hot chocolate just like Coco Chanel had? As if drinking the same hot chocolate she did would pass on her impeccable style. Hahaha. Well, even if that doesn't work, you'll still get to try the richest hot chocolate anyway, so you can put Angelina on your Paris to visit list. I saved it for when I was travelling with Ady, the resident chocoholic in our family. 
Angelina has several branches in Paris, but we visited the
one on Rue de Rivoli across the Tuileries.
You have a choice of entering the shop, or the tea room, if you plan to have
morning or afternoon tea.
Angelina's Hot Chocolate is so famous, you can buy a bottle to bring home.

We arrived just after breakfast (yes, tight itinerary and all that) so it wasn't hard to get a table.

Founded in 1903, by an Austrian confectioner who named the place in
honor of his daughter-in-law, Angelina has been the fashionable place to be.
Their specialty is Hot Chocolate l'ancienne,
called l'Africain. Let me tell you a secret. The hot chocolate
is so rich, they will not bat an eyelash if you just order 1,
pour partager (to share), so don't be afraid of getting judged.
I wanted to order the pastry sampler but I was told I could only get it
from the shop, which I found weird.
Waiting for our Hot Chocolate...
The place is big and posh, but the tables are packed together like sardines.
It doesn't feel like a place Coco Chanel would visit though, it feels more
like something on Lonely Planet's Top 10 things to do for foodies in Paris.
Tourists galore, all taking food or should I say Hot Chocolate picks.
In fairness, it is picture worthy. Can you see how thick the hot chocolate is?
Even in the photo, the chocolate looks really rich and dense.
Literally, liquid chocolate goodness.
Instead of ordering a chocolate eclair, I decided to order this flaky
buttery confection, pour partager again.
Millefeuille à la vanille Bourbon
It would probably better if you order something not too rich to go with it.
The server was recommending a basket of croissants, but we just had breakfast,
and were heading to lunch, but this would be a good place for brunch.
Cheers! Only the photo bombing lola behind us looks like a local.
Despite ordering food to share, Ady and I were not even able to finish it.
The toilets are on the second floor, so it feels like you're
a guest in a really old house.
Mirrors galore inside the toilet.
Aerial view of the shop
Angelina doesn't come cheap. 1 Hot Chocolate and
1 Pastry comes out to €17.20.

I wouldn't recommend it if you're just curious. But I would tell you to come and visit if you're a chocoholic and you love dessert, don't forget, it's okay to share. just saying.

Salon de Thé – Boutique – Restaurant
226 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Ouvert du lundi au jeudi de 7h30 à 19h. 
Le vendredi de 7h30 à 19h30. 
Les weekends et jours fériés de 8h30 à 19h30

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