Friday, April 24, 2015

Eat and Run or Eat at Leisure (All You Can) Korean BBQ at KPub

I've always wanted to try K-Pub, the Korean BBQ Eat-All-You-Can place in Fort but I never got a chance to do so until my friends asked if I wanted to try it with them because they were selling vouchers on Deal Grocer (or a similar website).

You can't miss K-Pub. It's that large pink building in Fort.
There are different menus that you can choose from.
The cheaper sets have less options, then you can opt to
go for Eat and Run (2 hours) or go for No Limits so you can
take your time.
We went for a Saturday lunch and the place was pretty full (ie Service was also bad).
Vice and Chips were already in the middle of cooking because we arrived
late, so all we had to do was sit down and eat. Yum yum.
The pork slices were fatty, so don't order a lot of it.
The short ribs were very good.
The chicken was okay, but my surprise favorite were the foil wrapped
They also have bibimbap but it's nothing extra-ordinary.
The shrimps take forever to be served so order a lot.
shrimp??? they were so small you can't even see them.
They also have chapchae. Again, not extraordinary.
And Calamari that also wasn't extraordinary. Just order it for variety.
My eating Partner in Crime.
Auntie Celita was in from the States so we invited her to join us because
we know she loves Korean food. She enjoyed it so much she wants to go
back but I'm not sure her schedule will allow.
There's a big screen where they play... you guessed it... Kpop videos!
Shobe and Viele
Each person is also given this rice water something,
a non-alcoholic palate cleanser.
The Melona Ice Cream is not unlimited, but each person
gets one.
Just in case you're curious, these are the rules.
Might not be a good idea to celebrate your birthday here, unless you
want the whole restaurant to know.
Since we paid with an Ensogo voucher, we were only
billed for service charge. Though the invoice was a bit
weird. They were "charging" us for somethings that we
didn't ask for. I wonder how the manage their inventory then.

K-Pub often has a voucher offering a discount if you're interested in trying it. We got ours at P500 (less 10% due to some promo), which is a good deal for the unlimited experience where you could order everything. I don't think I'm willing to come back if I need to pay full price though, there was just too many nothing extra-ordinary things on the menu. just saying.

G/F, The Fort Strip 
5th Ave, Taguig, 
Metro Manila

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