Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yummy Birthday Dinner at Duck and Buvette

Today is Tim's birthday, one of my closest friends, but since he lives in Singapore and we are no longer able to celebrate our birthdays together, I just posted a 10 years after photo...
Tim celebrating his 23rd Birthday, 10 years ago!!!
Happy Happy Birthday Tim!!!

... and I decided to blog about my birthday dinner two months ago. Hahaha. That's how backlogged I am!!!

I heard so many great reviews about the newly re-launched Duck and Buvette, previously Cafe Provençal, I've been wanting to try it out for myself so I decided that this is where I wanted to eat for my birthday, even if Ady and I were flying to Europe the next day and we would have real French food anyway. 

D&B or Duck and Buvette is located at the same place as Cafe Provençal
I've only heard rave reviews about their Duck Confit (Php980), and I must
say the reviews are really well deserved!
Yummy crispy well seasoned duck skin, with tender, falling off the bone
meat inside. I could eat the whole thing! Hahaha. But I didn't!
One of the owners, and chef behind the great dishes is
Jacq Tan, one of our close friends for several years in ICA,
before we drifted apart due to some petty High School issues.

Before I tried D&B for myself, friends were telling me that their food was good, but the servings were small, so I ordered like there was no tomorrow. Hahaha. 

We ended up with so much food! So I want to correct the notion that their servings are small. That is not true at all. They actually have Main Dishes and Specialties - which are dishes that are big enough for sharing. Duck Confit included - unless you want to be selfish and stuff yourself with just that.
My mom's favorite dish is the Beef Bourguignon or what they call
Slow Braised Beef Burgundy (Php620) which was also one of my favorites.
Then we also ordered some safe dishes for Sofia and Yaya to share which also came in generous servings.
Grilled Chicken Provençal (Php320)
Fennel Sausage and Crispy Pepperoni Sourdough Pizza (Php460)
The Grilled Romain Salad (Php190) was also very tasty, and big enough
for sharing. 
I think the impression that their servings are small come from their Small Plates or Bites options, which you should only order a lot of, if you only plan on getting 1-2 main dishes. If you order a lot of main dishes and a lot of small plates, it would be over-doing it like we did, unless you're dining with a really big group.
Everything we ordered was good, we just had too much food so we weren't
really able to finish everything. Angus Meatballs (Php240),
Truffle Roasted Cauliflower (Php185), Potato with Salted Duck Egg (Php175).
Jacq even sent Sofia a complimentary Strawberry Choco Macaron Ice Cream.
Great idea to make Macaron shells filled with homemade Ice Cream.
They have an old fashioned Ice Cream Bike Cart outside
the restaurant where you can check out the flavors.
Jacq was explaining to us that they normally have the classic favorites, then
they also have a special flavor of the month, so don't forget to ask about that.
Sofia flavored Macaron Ice Cream anyone?
They also have what looks to be good coffee and dessert.
Too bad we weren't able to try it.
My mom made an effort to pick up my favorite birthday cake,
Estrel's Caramel Cake, she was so upset, the flowers covered my name!
Caught in the act eating the icing!
Thanks family and Jem for celebrating my birthday with me - while Papa
was in playing golf in one of his last PAL tournaments! *roll eyes*
Just look for the ducks on the floor to find Duck & Buvette!
Thanks Jacq for the reservation, entertaining us, and the yummy food.

D&B is now on my favorite restaurants list. You don't even have to save it for a special occasion because it's not at all expensive. I think they offer really good value for a taste of authentic comfort French food, and I must know because I'm French at heart. just saying.

D&B Duck and Buvette
2/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Main Wing, Shaw Blvd
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 631-0675

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