Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PRIMARK now open in Paris

I used to love travelling to London for work, so I could shop at Primark. (Heehee... please don't judge my cheap thrills). Even Sofia loves Primark, you can read about it here, because they have such a huge assortment, and the styles are up to date too, and the best part is how everything is so much more available than the other stores in the market.

Even when Sof asks me to buy her stuff, everything she needs can be found
in Primark. 1D stuff included.

After I discovered Penney's (Primark in Ireland, where it originates from), it also took several years before they expanded in the UK. Their first few stores were in Lewisham and Hammersmith - not really centrally located, but near enough that we would go and visit just to score a bargain.

It was a pleasant surprise to find them right across Marks and Spencer Marble Arch no less when I went to London for work in 2009. Now, they have two huge stores on Oxford Street and both of them are very busy.

So while Ady and I already had our Primark fill in London, we couldn't resist checking out their newly opened store in Paris (actually, they already have 3 - but only 1 is easily accessible by Metro).

Ady and I went to the Creteil branch, so when I say
accessible by Metro, it's literally that, but imagine going
to the end. 30+ stops, no kidding.
Surprisingly, there are a lot of nice stores at Creteil Soleil so I can actually
see myself coming back here. Hahaha.
Look at that! Primark is ready for the crowd to come. Good thing it wasn't
busy when we were there. The store was not as big as London, but the
assortment was localized. (ie instead of 1D they had Violetta).
Unfortunately, my luggage was already full,
so I only walked away with gift wrapper (which we came for)
and some undies.

It's really nice to know that there is now an accessible Primark in Paris, so I don't need to go to London (and apply for a separate Visa) just to get my fix of cheap shopping. just saying.

101 Avenue du Général de Gaulle
94000 Créteil
Accessible through Metro Line 8

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