Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Legoland Malaysia Revisited

After going to Legoland Malaysia four times in a year when we had annual passes, I never thought we would come back. You can read about that here. Hahaha. I thought Sofia would outgrow it and get it out of her system, but I guess I was dreaming.
We went back to Legoland Malaysia last March because we got an offer
I couldn't resist for Legoland Hotel. You can read about it here.
The good thing is Timmy was able to join us.
Since we arrived at the last minute, I didn't get him
discounted tickets, so he bought a child ticket for Sof
and used her ticket instead, though the guy at the counter
thought he was too big to be a child. Hahaha.
The Ninong Tim's went ahead with Sof,
while Ady and I decided to go for coffee first before
we met up with them.

One big difference of our recent visit is there was barely any crowd. I don't think I've seen Legoland - with no lines like this, which is bad for their business but very good for us. We were able to explore areas that we used to skip before if it got too crowded, or if we were too tired from lining up too much.
Sof tried the Lost Kingdom Adventure and liked it so much she did it twice.
The only thing with a bit of a line was the water ride so we skipped it.
Even the Big Store had no people. Sofia got so much stuff until she realized
I wasn't paying for it so she played swords with thin Ninong instead.
Good thing fat Ninong bribed her with a teddy bear so he won't have to do
he favorite duplo ride with her.
Same artist. Different Painting (Legoland during the day).
She used to paint Legoland at night. Look at it here.
First time we did the Technic Twister - because we were the only passengers. 
I wanted to try out the Aquazone Wave Racer - because it was also the
first time I saw it with no line.
But they didn't want to get wet, because the kids - and other people on
ground decide who they want to spray!
Timmy went on the Roller Coaster, I was happy enough to be a poser.
Sof and Tim waited for us at Lego Academy.

Then we checked out the Star Wars Exhibit - which is new.
R2D2 and CP3O photobombing Darth Vadar.
You line up to enter, then there's a short video you may or
may not want to watch.
Then there's an exhibit of scenes from all the Star Wars movies in Lego.
Since I'm such a poser, I was taking pictures, but I had no idea what they were.
Timmy was taking pictures too but he was judging me for my ignorance.
Size doesn't matter according to the great Yoda.

After the exhibit, we all grabbed a cold drink, so we could avail of the free Lego Minifig key chain. #suckerforafreebie #thisisjustthebeginning

Then we had to rush back to make it in time to catch the next Lego Friends Live Show at the City Stage - which is also new.
Theater complete with paparazzi and pink carpet.
It's best to arrive just a few minutes before the show starts so you can take
pictures outside, and you won't need to line up.
The Lego Friends sing and dance.
Then before the end of their performance, they invite all the kids to come
up and join them onstage.
After the show, you can get your picture taken with the Lego Friends.
You can also do activities like get your hair or nails done, or build Lego
models at the back, but you better hurry if this is what you prefer to do.
You can also decorate cupcakes but you'll need to pay for this activity.
The others are free.
Since we were already in the area, we decided to take the Legoland Express.
I spy KL from Miniland.
Choo choo.

After the ride, we went to The Market Restaurant, also in the area, for a late lunch.
We had Fish and Chips, Roast Chicken, and Chicken Curry Noodles
(which was so yummy!).
Hmmm... so many drinks... I wonder how many we are?
Not as many as the drinks, because if you get a combo meal + drink
(so 2 drinks per person) you get a minifigure for free! We were carrying
our extra drinks home all the way to Singapore! #suckerforasale

Surprisingly, it was already getting late in the afternoon and we haven't made it yet to Sofia's favorite rides so we had to hurry.
We took a detour at the 4D theater because we passed by just before the
Chima movie started.
Then we finally got to the Duplo Kids Power Tower where you need to
pull yourself up. This is what Timmy exempted himself from so Tim had
to do it twice!
The Royal Joust has always been Sofia's favorite.
and since she's now tall enough to go on the Dragon's Apprentice,
fat Ninong had to take his turn to go with her.
I think we ended up leaving the park at around 5:30pm, very near closing time at 6:00pm - just before it started raining.
Ninong Tim and Sof were fast asleep in the cab to
JB Sentral. Must have been the power tower. Hahaha.
I don't think we've ever explored Legoland Malaysia this much.
Yes, we did all the X and Os. Parang tic tac toe lang!
Even Rainbow Bear (and Rainbow Bear's mom)
was very happy with our 4 new mini figs.

If you're thinking about visiting Legoland, I think now would be the perfect time to go, while it's not crowded. Just make sure you check their website for offers since business is so bad. just saying.

Legoland Malaysia

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