Friday, April 3, 2015

Yummy Thai Food from the Grande Centre Point Hotel Lunch Buffet

When we were in Thailand last January, we were travelling with my Aunt who used to be assigned there many years ago, so one of the things we did was have lunch with one of the close friends there, Kun Suphanee. She invited us to lunch at Mesamis Cafe at The Centre Point Hotel in Ratchadamri, walking distance to the other Centre Point Hotel we were staying in Pratunam, and also near enough to her office.
The Centre Point Hotel in Ratchadamri looked
so much posher than their Pratunam Hotel,
though I still prefer that due to the location.

She chose the lunch buffet at Cafe Mesamis because it had an assortment of local food, as well as some Western dishes, so everyone could find something to eat.
I loved the Tuna and Tamago Sashimi.
Then they have a station that makes Som Tum (Thai Papaya Salad) according
to your preference, so I asked for one that's not too spicy, with no dried seafood,
and lots of salted egg. Yummy.
My favorite dish was the Green Beef curry served with vermicelli noodles.
It was so good, I went back for seconds.
Sofia enjoyed the Roast Chicken, and I also had some because my mom
was raving about their Spinach Gratin and it went well together.
My dad liked the Tom Ka Gai but I normally prefer it cooked with more
coconut milk.
For dessert, Sofia got a chocolate cake and a lemon roll and finished it all.
While I was very happy with the fresh fruit and a good cup of coffee.
After eating, Sof just went to sleep.
She was very tired from swimming that morning.
Thank you very much Kun Suphanee for inviting us to that yummy lunch.
I'm blogging about it because on our way out, I saw an
ad for their lunch buffet and for the quality and assortment
of food that you get, I think the price is very reasonable.
The Centre Point Hotel in Ratchadamri is very close
to the Erawan shrine, one of the more popular Hindu
shrines in Bangkok.

Having lunch at the Mesima Cafe is a great option for Bangkok. just saying.

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