Friday, April 17, 2015

Certified Bouchon Lyonnaise: Bouchon Comptoir Brunet

When we went to Lyon, which you can read about here, I wanted to try eating at a certified bouchon. There are only around 20 or so certified bouchons, with certification updated annually, but it was still quite confusing to choose one, so I just picked one based on proximity to our apartment, and somewhat based on their menu - but since most of the bouchons serve the same things, I think this just managed to confuse me.

I decided to try Cafe Comptoir Brunet, and I even emailed them for a reservation, but they weren't really crowded for a Tuesday lunch so a reservation wasn't even required.

The restaurant was just a few blocks away from our apartment at the
heart of the city. You can read about that here.
The Bouchon Lyonnais seal is given to the Certified  Bouchons.
Just like Aux Trois Cochon the night before, we also availed of the set menu.
Brunet also has the same homey feel, with the exception of the pigs,
and with more awards on display.
The clientele seemed to be local old timers who enjoy traditional
Lyonnais food.
They also have a blackboard here, and a cover of the
book where they were featured.
Funny their toilet is outside the restaurant, on the ground floor or the
apartment building beside it, so grab your coat if you need to go.
The waiter looked like a typical fat chef. Seriously. 

Just like in Aux Trois Cochon, my favorite dish was the starter. 
I couldn't leave Lyon without ordering the signature Salad Lyonnais.
Me and my Lyonnais.
Runny Poached Egg and so much bacon. Yummy. Salad palang ulam na.
Ady ordered Poached Eggs in Red Wine sauce, another rich winner.

For lunch, Ady ordered more adventurously than I did.
She had the baked fish dumpling.
It's a white/yellowish fish baked in a thin crust with creamy sauce.
This is also a common Bouchon Lyonnais dish.
Since I automatically order anything foie in the menu, I was less
adventurous at lunch and I ended up with the same thing I ordered
the night before, in hot form - with orange sauce. 
I preferred the salad version, so I didn't leave my plate clean, but I think I
still managed to eat a substantial part.
For dessert, I convinced Ady she wanted the chocolate fondue cake
we saw the other table eating.
Then I ordered the Saint Marcellin cheese I heard Lyon was famous for,
I swear I saw a stamp of approval on fat waiter's face when I ordered it,
only to disappoint him by leaving it all because I found it too stinky for my taste.
Good thing the chocolate cake was a winner, and rich enough for Ady and I
to share as I predicted.
Lunch at Brunet was more expensive at €26 per person.
I know I shouldn't really generalize, but based on my opinion, eating at a certified bouchon doesn't really make a difference. Just choose one where you like the look and fee, and if you enjoy the food, there's no need to eat at a certified bouchon. That's probably why there's a bouchon at almost every corner in Lyon. I can't wait to go back and try more place. Next time, it will be more than the pate de foie for me. just saying.

23, rue Claudia
69002 Lyon
Open Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch and Dinner

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