Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Only in Japan: Baked KitKat, Green Tea Oreos, Strawberry Cheesecake Nestle Crunch and other finds

The Japanese are really inventive when it comes to adding a twist to the snacks we're all familiar with. They're known for weird flavors of Kit Kat that are unique to the different regions in Japan ranging from Soy Sauce (Kikoman kit-o kat-o), Wasabi and Sweet Potato to the more common Green Tea (matcha) variations.  You can read my post on the Kit Kat Collection of 2011 here.

Recently, Kit Kat's flavors have been quite boring, but they came up with a real winner when they released the bake-able Kit Kat early this year.
This is how the packs look. 500yen +8% tax for 13 pieces.
Just pop it into the oven for 4-6 minutes. If you get too impatient,
You'll end up with melted white chocolate covered wafers.
This is how a perfectly baked kit kat looks like.
Brown creme brulee effect on the edges. 
Rating: It's worth the hassle of baking for the novelty factor. Next time, I'm baking this with my Sanrio foil for maximum kawaii effect. Not easy to find, but carried at Don Quixote, so buy it when you see it.

From this trip, our other finds include:
Matcha Latte Oreo Bits
Really yummy mini oreos. Around 100yen + 8% tax
Rating: We love this. Oreos with a subtle matcha flavor. Also not commonly sold, so but it when you see it.

Strawberry Cheesecake Nestle Crunch less than 400 yen
The best part is they come in 24 calorie packs
It's just enough for 1-2 bites.
Rating: You'll like this if you love the strawberry flavored wafer sticks, or hello panda, hello koala... you get the drift right? Except imagine it without the wafer or cookie coating, just purely strawberry filling goodness.
Strawberry wafer sticks for reference

We also liked the matcha chocolate with mochi.
Green tea chocolate with mochi filling for around 100ye
Rating: This one is a winner if you love matcha and mochi, both of which Sofia loves.

We also tried the Snyder's pretzels covered in
Meiji Chocolate. Less than 200yen.
Rating: This tastes a bit like Jack and Jill pretzels which is locally available in the Philippines for a steal, so we don't recommend this if you Jack and Jill is available to you. 

Airport Find:
New Arrival: Red Bean Kit Kat from Hokkaido 150 yen a small box

Stay tuned for my rating, I don't really have high hopes for this one since I'm not a red bean fan, but I couldn't resist trying it out. just saying

The Red Bean KitKat tastes exactly like Red Beans, so if you're like me and you don't like it. Stay away. If you're familiar with the Filipino summer dessert, it tastes so much like red beans, you just need to add the Halo Halo. just saying. 

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