Monday, July 14, 2014

Viele turns 6 at the Fun Farm in Sta Elena

Viele, one of Sofia's best friends celebrated her 6th birthday last weekend by inviting her closest friends to The Fun Farm at Sta Elena in Cabuyao, Laguna.
Viele and Sofia

On a Saturday, the trip from Manila is roughly around an hour, but because we're not really morning people, Sofia and I struggled to get out of the house early, so we left past 10 and we made it to The Fun Farm just before lunch. Sofia immediately joined her friends who were happy running all around the place.

The place is fairly secure because you need to pay Php300 entrance fee and make a reservation to enter, and the activities at The Fun Farm are concentrated near the pavillion and the picnic tables, so you can just let the kids run around without worrying much about them. 

There was a birthday party at the covered pavillion, so they put up a tent
over the picnic tables where we stayed.

The others arrived at around 10am so they have already done a lot of the activities when we arrived, but Sofia and Viele enjoyed the place until closing time at 4pm. There was just so many things to do that you normally don't get a chance to do in Manila so the kids really had fun.

The entrance fee already allows you to participate in the activities unlimited times, so we really loved it that there were not a lot of people because most of time, it felt like the kids had the farm to themselves.

Animal Feeding
Food and Baskets are available to feed the animals.
You just need to help yourself.
I was quite surprised that the kids are allowed to go in, when feeding
the animals. Fi had a hard time jumping in because the guinea pigs
were waiting for her.
I think this is the first time Sofia or myself saw guinea pigs,
much less, fed them.
There were also bunnies, but most of them looked like they would
rather just sleep.
Then Sofia and Lauren had the brilliant idea that if they just leave the
basket of food on the floor, the bunnies could feed themselves.

Carabao Cart Riding
The early birds were able to ride the Carabao Cart before we arrived, but
 we had to wait for lunch break to finish before the Carabao was ready again.
Riding the carabao cart was another first for Sofia.
She grabbed a front row seat, and was brave enough
to hold the tail of the carabao.
These girls had so much fun, asking the carabao to go faster, go slower,
and finally compromising on asking him to go medium fast.
This was the negotiation on how fast the carabao should go,
with some threats that John will bite those who don't agree. Hahaha. 
The best way to get a tour of the place is actually on the Carabao Cart.
We saw the Mud Dash, whatever that means
They also have different play areas
And a lot of sheep. Yes, they're the ones lying down like logs.

Horseback Riding
Sofia was excited to ride the horse, but the first horse they brought out was really big, and Viele and Lauren didn't want to ride.
Vice was the only brave soul who was willing to ride the big horse.
She had to get up on the table to mount him.
Vianna really enjoyed horseback riding and didn't want to get off.
Sofia finally got a chance to ride when they brought
out the medium sized horse, named Silver.
She probably did 20 rounds because she didn't want to get off.
Thank you very much patient Manong.
They put John on the smallest horse.
This is the horse Viele loved riding.
Syling Family Picture for Viele's 6th Birthday
Sofia and Viele did a few last rounds sharing one horse.
They also have ponies in the farm but they're not for riding.
This one escaped so they chased him to return him to his place.

There's a fishing area where someone already prepares the bait for you
and hands you the fishing rod.
The kids feel a real sense of accomplishment when they get to catch
fish. Except it's so small, the same manong also throws it back in.
You can also go boating near the fishing area.

They also have a manual zipline which adults and kids can do.
Sofia getting instructions on what to do before her turn.
My little girl is so much braver than me. I will never do this. Hahaha.
Viele went after Sofia, she was so scared, she had tears running down
her face, but she was so brave to do it anyway.
Another little girl who is braver than me. Hahaha.
I guess it was fun because they wanted to do it again!
Vice also took her turn on the zipline. This is what I mean by manual,
someone actually pulls you. They do it slower for kids.
Sulit na sulit ang Entrance Fee kay Vice. Hahaha.
The kids had more fun on the Zipline when they knew what to expect.
Way to Go Birthday Girl!!!
The kids (and the yayas) also played on the see-saw.
There was also a playground in the sand house,
but there were A LOT of red ants so we had to leave.
The party at the Pavillion was wrapping up and the Ice Cream Guy still
had stock, so we approached him and he gave us some ice cream.
The Avocado Ice Cream was really good!
These are the operating hours and Entrance Fee
for The Fun Farm. Be sure to make a reservation,
especially if you're a big group.

Happy Happy Birthday Again Viele!!! Thanks so much for inviting us. Sofia really had fun at The Fun Farm. in fact, it was all she could talk about when we got home. just saying.

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