Friday, July 4, 2014

Sofia's Top 3 Favorite Meals in Hong Kong

My daughter is a foodie. She's only 6, but she has her own To Eat List, and she knows he own mind, so it's useless trying to convince her otherwise. After four days of non-stop eating in Hong Kong last weekend, which you can read about here, she summarized for me her 3 Best Meals. In fairness to her, she said, everything else we ate just shared the number 2 spot. Hahaha.

If you're going to Hong Kong with your kids, this list may come in handy for you, as it's recommended by my very own 6-year old food critic.

Sofia's Top 3 Favorite Meals in Hong Kong - in no particular order

Thai Style Hainanese Chicken Rice from Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken
Hainanese Chicken served with Thai Chili Dip with Lime instead of the
minced Ginger, Chilli and Sweet Soy Sauce. The Chicken Oil Rice is to die for.
Ninong Jacob brought us to one of their normal
These two both love Hainanese Chicken Rice.
Yummy juicy chicken with yellow skin
We went to the Tin Hau branch as it's just right below
the flat.
However, Koon Thai seems to be a Hainanese Chicken Chain. You can visit their website here to check their other branches.

Din Tai Fung's Pork Chop and Egg Fried Rice and Xiao Long Bao
Disclaimer: While Sofia fully-enjoyed this meal since she's been craving for it for months, I think it fails miserably in comparison to their branches in Taipei and Singapore.
Since Sofia has been craving for Din Tai Fung, she insisted that we include
it in our To Eat List, so we had lunch here on our last day in Hong Kong.
We ordered the usual. 
The Xiao Long Bao was normal. Sofia and I normally share.
She gets the soup and skin, I get the filling. Hahaha. No complaints from me.
The Pork Chop Rice looks okay from a far.
But a closer look shows that the pork was really thin, and it was tougher
than their normal standard in Singapore and Taipei.
Good thing we ordered extra Pork Chop, or the food would not have been
enough. The extra pork chop, though served much later,  was also thin and
tougher than normal, which leads me to surmise the first one was not a fluke.
This is the Pork Chop Rice from Taipei.
The Pork Chop is thicker and much more tender.
When I cut it up for Sofia, she gets Pork Chop Chunks,
not over-cooked Pork Chop Slivers which you get in Hong Kong.
In fairness, it did taste the same, so it still made it to Sofia's Top 3 Meals. Or she might have just really missed it that much. Hahaha.
Din Tai Fung has three branches in Hong Kong.
I never plan on going back, if you go, Good Luck to you!
Lunch wasn't cheap for the quality.
I totally can't relate it to the Michelin Star it was awarded
in Taipei.
Part of the Din Tai Fung Tradition is watching the open kitchen.
My foodie daughter was very happy with lunch though.

Last meal at Saboten at the Airport

I was just ordering the Loin (with fat) and Tenderloin (with no fat) Saboten Set Meal, but the server told me I could have an extra Ebi Fry for just 4HKD so guess what I ordered?!
The Saboten Special Meal with the Ebi Fry of course.
The last time I was in Hong Kong, I thought it was the best Tonkatsu.
 Maybe I was just hungry because this time I thought it was just normal.
Sof had the Ebi and some Pork while I had the veggies and the rest.
Still the best Tonkatsu Place for both of us.

So here you go folks. That's the three Hong Kong Places with the Sofia stamp of approval. just saying.

Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken
Shop D G/F. 67 Electric Road 
Tin Hau

Din Tai Fung
G/F, 68 Yee Woo Street 
Causeway Bay

7E163, Level 7, Departure Level, Terminal 1, 
Hong Kong International Airport Restricted Area (after immigration) 
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

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