Thursday, July 17, 2014

P365 TE Day 198

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Travel Bite:  A must visit place in Osaka is the Kaiyukan or the Osaka Aquarium which is one of the largest Aquariums in the world. It's located near Osaka bay so you'll get to do some sightseeing around the place as well.

Just an additional tip, don't forget to visit their souvenir store. They have the cutest sea creatures cutlery for kids. Sofia really loves hers, she uses them until now.

Location: Osaka, Japan
Date Photo Taken: October 2012

P365 TE Points for today: 2 out of 3 (for now)
P365 TE Points from Audience Interaction as of July 1: 180
P365 TE Running Points: 575 out of 594 (as of posting)

You can read the background of Project 365 Travel Edition here.  
Feel free to come back everyday. just saying...

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