Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Where to buy Discounted Ocean Park Tickets

Theme Park tickets are quite expensive. Especially, if you're not a theme park fan and you're just going because your kid/s want to go, or you're being nice to your friends who want to go and you're just tagging along for company. Well, whatever it is, before going to a theme park, I normally google to see if there are any discounted offers.

Unfortunately for Ocean Park, I wasn't able to find any. However, my aunt told me that she was able to buy discounted tickets before from CTS or China Travel Service. There used to be links online referring to discounted Ocean Park Tickets offered, but I couldn't find any recent ones. Their website, which you can visit here, also DOES NOT mention any offers.

Since we were planning to buy tickets for a Sunday, and we remembered to do this after 6pm (so no more office!) on a Saturday, I just called the different CTS branches until I lucked out on a branch that answered and I asked if they were selling Ocean Park Tickets, and sure enough, they were. Since not all branches are open on Sunday, we decided to go to the branch at the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (the office I talked to) on our way to Ocean Park.

CTS at the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal
Someone is so excited to go to Ocean Park,
she was doing star shaped jumps.

Admission to Ocean Park is 320HKD per adult and 160HKD for kids. (source: Ocean Park Website)
At CTS, you can get the adult ticket for 262HKD and the child ticket at 131HKD - an 18% discount, which adds up if you're a big group.

Just something to note, they only accept Cash, so make sure you're liquid.

I think you can buy discounted Ocean Park Tickets from any CTS branch. They have a lot of branches around Hong Kong so just check the website for the one closest to you, and call them to make sure they have tickets available before you go. Being a #suckerforasale does pay off. just saying.

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