Sunday, January 11, 2015

Auntie Stella's Size 6 Party

When Auntie Stella mentioned that she was having a Size 6 party and did we want to come last New Year's Eve, I wasn't really that excited. But only because I'm a only a size 6ish - or a US 6.5 to be exact or Size 37 European size. But when she said she was giving away a luggage full of Size 6 shoes, I immediately said count me in! Aside from being a sucker for a freebie, I really love shoes (what woman doesn't right?) and I was pretty sure there would be at least one big size 6 in the lot. 

Auntie Stell held her party on last January 5, the first working day of the year, so I went directly from the office and I was the first to arrive and I got to try all the shoes before all the other guests came.

View from below
View from the top
These were my top picks, unfortunately, only the two pairs on the right
were flexible *big* enough to fit me.
Auntie Stell even changed her Christmas Tree ornaments
to shoes.
This is my favorite ornament on the tree.

It was really an interesting party concept because Auntie Stell invited everyone she knew who wore a Size 6. In fact, I think everyone just met everyone else for the first time at that party, but we all had a great time and there was still a lot to talk about.

Dinner was Paella Two Ways and we even said it was a Pair of PAAllas to
match the theme. (Paa is feet in Filipino)
There was also Mozarella and Longganisa Salad.
Paella Valenciana
Paella Negra
We were quite glad 4 people backed out at the last minute,
and my sister was late... so less competition for shoes!
Dessert was a really yummy chocolate cake homemade brought by Liza.
We're still waiting to be invited for the Lamb version of the Paella.

At first, Auntie Stell was thinking of making some rules to decide who gets to choose what shoes fit them or they liked best. But we decided that if you don't have competition for the shoe you want then you get it by default.
Tess was able to score the first pair because no one
else wanted to wear heels that high.

Everyone else also went for shoes no one else wanted, except Lilian and I liked the same brown sandals.
We decided to settle it through Jack and Poy and sadly, I lost.
Thanks Auntie Stella for all our loot!
Ady got lucky because no one else called dibs on the office pumps so
Auntie Stell gave her both. Hooray for her, and hopefully she stretches it
enough so I can borrow it.

All of the shoes Auntie Stella gave away, she bought from the Sample Sale at Zapatos Outlet Shoe Store in Boston. You can view their Facebook page here and message them to ask for the shoes they have available in your size. They can ship your shoes through Johnny Air Cargo.

Thank you Auntie Stella for inviting us. Please go back to the States and buy more, then forget about them again, so we can have another Size 6 party. I've always thought opening a store that sells only Size 6.5 shoes would be a good idea (that's how I'd want to invest my lotto winnings - if I win...), maybe I should start buying lotto tickets.  just saying.

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