Monday, January 12, 2015

Overrated Honey Toast at Cafe Shibuya but the coffee is good

I've heard so much about Cafe Shibuya, I've really been meaning to try it, but since U.P. Town Center is not exactly close to where I'm willing to drive, I only got a chance to try it last New Year's Eve since there wasn't much traffic.

Since we wanted real food for lunch, we decided to eat at Shrimp Buckets, which was so good, I can't wait to eat there again. You can read my post on that here. But I made my brother and sister agree to save space in their tummies because I wanted to try Cafe Shibuya for dessert and coffee after lunch.

Cafe Shibuya in U.P. Town Center is right beside
Shrimp Bucket.

While waiting for our lunch to be served, I checked out their menu board and I already decided, I wanted to try the Original Shibuya Honey Toast and the Gourmet French Press Coffee.

The place has a nice look and feel, in fact, it was pretty full when we arrived.

I love all their chalkboard signs!
The menu is in newsletter form, which is a good idea, except it's a bit falling
apart after 2 months, and I'm just not sure it will make it to the end of March.

I ordered the baby portion of the Original Shibuya Honey Toast.
They really had me at honey which is served in this really cute
small mason jar.
I was a bit surprised though when the order arrived
because even the baby size had so much bread.
I think they used half a loaf to prepare it.
I also ordered the Shibuya Blend French Press Coffee and you can see that
they take their coffee preparation seriously because it comes with a timer.
Just press the plunger down after 4 minutes
and pour into your cup.
While the wooden thingie is very pretty, it's not really
very practical for the honey especially when you're
also taking pictures at the same time.
I needed Ady's help with this. Hahaha.
The verdict. Only the top part (with the cuts) is nice and
soggy, the way I like my French Toast. The rest is just
too much bread! Though the honey and ice cream go well.
Ady wasn't happy. Hahaha. She said this was just
bread pretending to be dessert. But I must say, the coffee
was good! Good enough to take black.
It tasted so much better when you only focus on eating'
the top 1/3 of the bread. As you can see, the bottom
bread isn't even soaked, so it's just plain bread!
When Ady stopped eating, I didn't attempt to finish it after the Ice Cream
was gone. But I had them transfer my coffee to a take away cup.
While I wasn't overly impressed and I think that the Shibuya Honey Toast is quite good as long as you don't have high expectations, and you only eat the top part. I really like their coffee though, so I wouldn't mind coming back, but only if I were already in the area. I don't think I'd make a special trip just for this. just saying.

Cafe Shibuya
G/F UP Town Center, 
Katipunan, Quezon City

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