Friday, January 23, 2015

Rita's Ice Custard (which may also be called Ice Cream) Happiness

Over the Christmas Holidays, after the Christmas rush was over, I found myself in Greenhills for some reason or the other, so I wanted to try Rita's Ice Custard, so I would feel that happiness they claim... joke!, but I actually wanted to try it because I've never had Ice Custard before so I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. 

As with any new thing, in the two times I've visited,
the place was busy, but the line wasn't too long.
I want some of the Ice Custard Happiness please.
Ordering is a bit intimidating, since it's a new concept and all that,
and the staff, while they offer free taste, aren't trained well enough to explain
the concept.
Since I was already in line, I was trying to figure out what to order,
but since everything was so confusing, I decided I was just going to order
the cheapest thing on the menu, an Oreo Custard Cookie Sandwich.

Fortunately for me, there was a guy behind the counter who was very helpful (I honestly think he's one of the owners, or managers, because on our second visit, there was no one as helpful or as knowledgeable), so dear owners of Rita's - please train your staff well, it's key to introducing a new concept that you want to succeed. 

The guy explained to me that there are different flavors of ice, which is
basically fresh fruit, or whatever, just like a smoothie.
Then, there's the frozen custard, which is NOT ice cream, because it's much thicker (*virbatim), and you can decide what to have based on different ways you can combine the Ice with the Custard.
So back to the intimidating menu, you can choose just Ice or Custard, or you
can combine both in a shake, or with a topping, or layered as Gelato, etc,
They also have recommended flavors. So because the guy I was talking to was really helpful, I decided to upgrade my sandwich cookie order to a Gelato instead since we described this as layers of custard and ice, so I thought it was a good way to try both individually and combined.

I think after trying several recommended bestseller
combinations, I decided to go with Strawberry Banana Ice
and Vanilla and Chocolate custard.
While it did taste good, the small cup (Php130) is too much for me!
The first few bites were yummy, but I find it too sweet to finish everything.
I tried sharing it with Sofia, but she just started picking out all the custard. 

So if you ask me, what is Custard and why does it bring Ice Custard Happiness, I'd say Custard Smushtard... tastes just like creamier soft serve Ice Cream to me. Why happiness? I guess that's because it's so sweet, for sure, you're going get a sugar rush... just don't forget that it also comes with a sugar crash.
I think the place is making an attempt to look like an old school diner,
or Ice Cream (Custard) parlor, but the seats are so oddly arranged, groups
sort of merge into each other which is awkward (hello brush butt factor).

I went back for a second time with Jay, Jem and Ivan after we watched Feng Shui, and the staff was not helpful at all in explaining things, so I just told them to order the Gelati, which I found to be the most interesting.
Vertical blur effect
Jay ordered the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice
with Vanilla Custard. It was ok, nothing I would order again.
Jem had the Black Forest Gelati peg, Cherry Ice with
Chocolate Custard.
I'll be honest and say I really don't get why Rita's is such a big thing. Though, I'd be willing to come back - but only to share a cup of Gelati with 2 or 3 other people, but I think claiming Ice Custard Happiness, is a bit too ambitious. just saying.

Rita's Custard
G/F VMall Greenhills Shopping Center 
San Juan City, Philippines

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