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Sofia does Sip and Gogh with Viele

Sofia and I love doing Arts and Craftsy things.
When we lived in Singapore, Sofia and I did a session at
arteastiq, but she was only 4, so that was more me than her.
You can read about my post on that here. We've always wanted to do another session, but we moved back to Manila before we got the chance.

So, when I heard about a similar concept with Sip and Gogh here, I wanted to take Sofia, but since it's not exactly near us, we never got around to going until recently.
We had Sip and Gogh come to the office a few months ago. They facilitate
a good team building session, where you can do what you think is impossible.
Re-create a Van Gogh. Hahaha, Ok, make that a much simpler version.

From my experience, arteastique leaves you pretty much to do as you please. They have a lot of pegs on folders that you can copy, but you're left pretty much to your own devices, they will just provide you with the supplies, and free flowing paint. Where as in Sip and Gogh, they have a lot of the more famous paintings and pretty landscapes that they will teach you step by step how to copy. 

Sip and Gogh is located in Capitol Hills.
We went on a holiday (thanks Pope!), so it was really crowded.

Sip and Gogh normally has a schedule of the painting that the class will do together, but when we were there, they had an open session, so you could choose what you want to paint. The instructors are still every much hands on, and they will still guide you on how to re-create the painting of your choice.

Sofia wanted to do a painting session at Sip and Gogh because her friend Viele has been attending a painting workshop there.
Viele has finished the Basic Workshop for kids, and is now doing the
Intermediate workshop. Look at her first and (second to the) last paintings.
Photo Credit: Sip and Gogh's and Vice's facebook pages
Someone is excited to paint.
We arrived earlier, so Sofia was looking for something to
paint from all the suggested designs.
I refused to let her do a cartoon!
These were Sofia's shortlisted pegs, because we were not sure she'd want to
paint the same thing Viele was painting as part of her workshop.
Since the painting Viele was doing to make was nice,
Sofia decided she wanted to paint the same thing.
Yay! Viele is here!
They prepare the paint you need, based on what you want to paint.
The girls with their teacher for the day.
The Sip and Gogh package includes 1 drink (choice of soda or juice) and
some brownie cups, grapes, and goldfish crackers for kids.
Adults are given a glass of wine, some cold cuts and cheese.
While the kids were painting, we went to have coffee at Stacy's next door.
Thanks Tim and Shobe for watching the girls paint.
We all had coffee but Chipsy also had the cake that looks like a sundae.
We love holidays. Ladies who have afternoon tea (coffee) ang peg.
Never a dull moment when you're with Chipsy. Hahaha.
Literally scaredy-cat!!! 
The girls were putting in the finishing touches when we came back.
The most important part is signing your name.
Sofia and her masterpiece.
Viele's quite a perfectionist. She even asked to do the finishing touches,
like spraying paint on the grass, but Sofia didn't want to do it anymore
because she already finished washing her hands.
Thanks Viele and Vice for inviting us to come.
Can you spot photo bomber Auntie Chipsy?
The girls waiting for their paintings to dry, and taking their photos with it.
Sip and Gogh also has an outside terrace where you can hang out and wait,
if you don't want to have coffee at Stacy's.
Sofia's Open Session Package was Php1,000, but because I had one of their flyers, I was able to get a 10% discount for our first session.

One advantage of booking an afternoon class is you can have dinner at one of the many restaurants in UP Town Center.  I loved Shrimp Buckets so much, so that's where we had dinner. You can read my post on that here.
The Salted Egg sauce is consistently good, but the Butter Garlic sauce was
better before. I also liked the squid and mussels but not the Mardi Gras sauce.
Making faces with mom and playing with Vianna at Shrimp Bucket.

For dessert, we had the Twist Your Own Cone challenge at Family Mart, but more on that in another post, and we also went to Dulcelin Gourmet for their famous Mango Torte.
Dulcelin Gourmet also serves hot food and I heard it's good, but if you're
having Mango Torte, it's best to choose your own slice.
Some are smaller than others, and some having missing parts of crust.
When we got home, the first thing Sofia did was place her painting beside
the painting of me and my mom. She said, she's not only the girl on the swing,
she painted it too.
Sofia had so much fun, she also wants to do lessons, but since Sip and Gogh is so far, we settled on a compromise instead. 
We bought supplies so she could promise,
and she set an appointment with Gammy to teach her.

Since supplies are quite expensive from Office Warehouse and National Bookstore, I said, we will only buy more stuff and bigger canvasses if Sofia's really into this, then when can go to the Art Store and start hoarding. just saying.

Sip and Gogh
1 Capitol Hills Drive
Matandang Balara, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila

1 Capitol Hills Drive
Matandang Balara, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Shrimp Bucket
Ground Floor, UP Town Center 
Katipunan Avenue, Diliman 
Quezon City

Dulcelin Gourmet
Ground Floor, UP Town Center 
Katipunan Avenue, Diliman 
Quezon City

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