Saturday, January 3, 2015

Favorite Christmas Gifts 2014

Before the holidays end, let me thank everyone who gave us presents for Christmas 2014!

Totally inspired by Oprah's favorite things series, I've decided to create an annual tradition on my blog featuring my favorite gifts that I received last Christmas. This might come in handy for gift giving in Christmas 2015 if you shop the whole year like I do. Most of my pictures are grabbed from Instragram, since for most of the gifts that made it to the list, I posted something about them shortly after I received them in my excitement.

Here are my categories this year:

1. Best Coffee Nespresso Gifts
Nespresso's Special Reserve Maragogype from The Schaperos
Nespresso is marketing it as coffee so special, they say it's for connoisseurs.
Photo Credit: Nespresso Article
Focus on the teaspoon. I absolutely love the Nespresso Rituals teaspoons
that I asked Tim to tell Santa to get me. I'm glad Santa listened.
Nespresso Rituals Teaspoons

2. Best gift from an office mate
I was so happy with the Hydro Flask Karl gave us.
Can't wait to use my new tumbler that keeps water cold for 24 hours!
You can read my post on that here.

3. Best Food Gift
We got so many food gifts and all of them were good, but I really really loved
the Sandy's Homemade Marmalade from MSP.
The orange marmalade, which is never my choice of jam, was not sweet at all, nor was the orange rind bitter. In fact, it reminded me a lot of the tea they serve after you get a massage at Sonya's Bed and Breakfast that I tried it with tea and it tasted exactly the same! It came in a really nice airtight glass jar too!

3. Best Blogger Gift
I absolutely fell in love with this Just Sayin' Sticky Note pad from my sister's
friends Doc and Jenny! I traveled to Japan with both of them this year
and I can see why they are close friends of my sister, not to mention they
give really cool gifts! Hahaha. Oh, and they are loyal readers of this blog too.

4. Best Arts and Crafts Gift
I really loved the Stamp Set Peachy gave Sofia and me. OK, I admit,
we already have a lot of stamps, but it's the first time I saw stamp pads this
small, you could make multicolored stamps!

5. Best Office Supplies Gift
My brother isn't really known for his great gift giving talent, but I swear,
this year, he's outdone himself, both in not cramming, as well as the quality
of the gift. I really loved my bright pink Lamy fountain pen to match my
turquoise one, which I also got from him a few years back.

6. Best Gift Giver 
But despite all my favorite gifts, my favorite gift giver of all, is Sofia. I was so proud of her. This is the first Christmas that she made her own Christmas List, then I gave her a budget, and she bought all her Christmas presents for the family by herself, and we all got nice presents too... mostly within budget! 

Let's not forget that the true meaning of Christmas is really in the giving. I hope the presents I gave out also made it to the favorite gift list of my family and friends. just saying.

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