Monday, January 26, 2015

Family Mart Twirl All You Can Ice Cream Cone Challenge

When we're abroad, we love going to Convenience Stores. The first thing we look for beside our hotel or apartment is the nearest one, and this is our go to place for unique and interesting local snacks to try, and when we find something we like, we look for the Supermarket so we can buy it in bulk. Family Mart is one of our favorites for Japan and Thailand.

When Family Mart first opened in the Philippines, I checked out their assortment. After I saw that I could get my green tea fix from here, both in KitKat and Ice Cream form, I just filed it away for future knowledge without buying anything.

Family Mart is famous for their Twirl All You Can Ice Cream for only Php30.

The first time I saw their soft serve Ice Cream, the flavors were Vanilla and Green Tea, and I thought that those were the permanent flavors that they carried. It was only recently that I found out that... 

1. The flavors change. Some of them are really good, so you need to order it when you see it, because they might not be there next time. The Salted Caramel with Green Tea comes highly recommended.

2. If you want a really tall Ice Cream Cone, don't even attempt to Twirl All You Can. Just ask the guard to help you because they're supposedly really good at it.

We got a chance to test this theory out the other night when we went to Family Mart to buy a few cones for dessert after dinner. Tim vs Kuya Guard - who do you think does it better?

Viele broke one of the cones in her excitement even before we started,
so the nice guard volunteered to help the kids fill the half cone.
Go Kuya Guard!!!
Sofia asked for the half cone because she normally can't
finish one by herself, but look at how big that still is.
Tim attempted to help Viele, but clearly they were
So Kuya Guard came to the rescue again. if you notice, in the third pic,
Tim is asking the guard to help him with the third cone, but he declined.
Look at how big Viele's Ice Cream cone is,
and look at Tim start making the third cone.
If you're curious, I didn't like the Blueberry Ice Cream. If these flavors are the only choices, just go with the Green Tea like Sofia did.

Back to the Ice Cream Twirl Challenge:
Uh Oh... looks like we need more practice. Hahaha. Lugi yata tayo dito.
Mukhang pang dirty ice cream size lang yan.
But it looks like di magpapatalo si Tim. Hahaha.

Who do you think won this challenge? 

Wanna try the Twirl All You Can challenge yourself? Just go to the nearest Family Mart, buy two cones. Ask the guard to help you twirl one and do you yourself. You be the judge. You can't lose, you'll have two cones to eat... but my money's on the guard. just saying.

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