Thursday, October 22, 2015

Magazine Freebie Heaven at Kinokuniya Singapore

We all know I am a sucker for a freebie, hahaha! And one of my favorite things to buy abroad are magazines with nice free stuff, sometimes even limited edition branded collaborations!

I used to just buy my magazines at the airport or any magazine stand, until I discovered Kinokuniya's special magazine section.

I know the Japanese are famous for the eMooks with really nice premiums, but unfortunately they don't come cheap, so I haven't really bought any.

Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya) has a magazine counter where they feature all the exclusive offers you can only get from their store. Just check out the posters to see what is available.

Samples are available on the shelf itself (in fact, this is what I saw first).

Actual freebies can be seen on shelf but only as a sample. They will give you exactly the same thing at the cashier once you pay for your magazine.

Here is a closer look of what the had available. The best part being that the magazines are selling for the same price (not like in Greece where you partly lay for the premium) as what you would find elsewhere, so it really is an exclusive deal.

So ofcourse, I couldn't resist. I came into the store to buy some pens, I came out with more magazines and freebies than I was willing to carry.

In fairness to me, I only buy magazines I like reading, unless the freebie is worth so much more than the price of the magazine. Hahahaha!

Here is my loot!

I had to wake up extra early the next day so I could enjoy reading my magazine over breakfast before I headed to work (so I wouldn't have to carry it home).

Nothing beats starting the day with a good breakfast and dreaming if what jewels I'd like to own.

This is @coleysjustsaying reporting live from Changi Airport, while waiting to board. just saying.

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