Sunday, October 25, 2015

The hunt for my favorite Thai Desserts at a local market in Bangkok

I'm going back to Bangkok for work so I'll get to eat my favorite local desserts again. The problem though, is finding the street vendor that sells them. It's a bit like looking for a needle in the haystack. 

Sof and I both love tako! It's some sort of Thai coconut pudding.

Good thing, the last time I went to Bangkok, the person I met with from the local office showed me where the nearby food market is, so hopefully this time, I know where to get my fix.

There's a local food market around 10 minutes by foot from our office.
I've never seen Macopa that big and that red. When we were kids,
they used to have this in a tree in my Great Grandmother's house.

My friend was so nice, he not only took me on a market tour. He made me try all the local desserts too!
Crispy pancakes with cream and palm sugar shavings (I think). 
Anyway, this looks more interesting than it tastes.
Instant sugar rush!
We didn't find any tako sellers, but this coconut pudding (without the corn)
comes close.
The seller gave me a free sample so I felt that we had to buy.
Just be conscious it looks different once it's packed,
because it gets removed from the plate it was cooked in.
We also went to the Authentic Thai Iced Tea Stall.
Tastes the same as the Milk Tea Uncles on the street
if you ask me.
There are also seats for the locals to eat because food here costs a fraction
of the food in the nearby mall.
Our last stop was this dessert stall, and when I asked my friend what it was,
he just looked at me and said all the desserts are made from powder.
It's coconut cream on top, and very sweet at the bottom.
The chewy stuff is the one made from powder.
This one is similar to Sapin-Sapin, a local filipino sticky rice dessert.
One of my favorite buys on one of my recent trips was the DIY Tako Mix.
Yummy and Easy to make too!
So when I went back to buy more, I saw that they have mixes for other
Thai Desserts too.
Now I understand what my friend meant when he said they're all made
out of powder. Hahaha.

Looking forward to eating more Thai Desserts and hoarding the mix to make them at home. just saying.

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