Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halal Guys, the famous food cart from New York (USA) is now open in Manila

I've heard about The Famous Halal Guys from New York, but I'll be honest and admit I heard about them being famous because of the hype around the branch they were opening in Manila, in Megamall's Food Hall at the new wing called Mega Fashion Hall.

I really love shawarma (you can read about my favorite place, Shawarma Snack Center in Manila here) or gyros or wraps, or whatever you call them, so if they're famous in New York, I wanted to know what all the hype was about.

Coincidentally, I had a meeting in Megamall today. The first thing I saw on my way up to my meeting was a poster near the escalators that said, The Halal Guys - Now Open! I immediately messaged my office mates if we could try it for lunch and they all agreed.

Our meeting finished close to 1:00pm, so I just thought to myself, we probably won't have trouble getting food even if The Halal Guys was fairly new because it was a late lunch anyway. 

We were quite surprised to see such a long line... and lo and behold,
it was for The Halal Guys. Uhmmm... They just opened pala today. Hahaha.
The line snaked all the way around this open area.

Hello, Chaos! 

The line was very well manned though, with a guy moving the sign that says "The Line Starts Here". This guy told me that it would take around 20-40 minutes to be served. Good thing, I hate waiting so much, I called my driver to stand in line for us while we snacked.

Now, this is actually a dual post, because this section is actually about...

Food Finds in Megamall (while killing time)

1. Saint Marc Cafe - Popular in Japan for their ChocoCro or Chocolate Croissants
We had their Iced Green Tea Latte (Yummy!)

2. Gigi's Cheese Custaroon-Bites
Previously available only at their shop beside Padre Pio Chapel in Libis, they now have a stall in Megamall. (Photo above) Goes really well with the Iced Green Tea Latte too... or maybe that was just hunger speaking.

3. Ippudo
If you're in the mood for real food, you can also opt to snack on a bowl of ramen to share, with Okonomiyaki on the side. Ramen is just right, when split into three. Ok, to be honest, it's a bit on the bitin side, but then we were still looking forward to The Halal Brothers.
It was the first time I tried the Okonomiyaki (which we saw from one of the
other diners when we entered) and I must say, it's the best I've had in Manila!

After one hour...
My driver was not anywhere near the food court!
In fact, I don't think he was even half way. 

So it's a good thing there are other food options within the Mega Fashion Hall Food Hall itself. So, back to my Food Finds in Megamall Post...

4. NAV Thai Dishes
I've heard of this place as one of the foodie finds in Kapitolyo, but I never got to try it, so it's a good thing we had to kill more time at the food hall before we could get to our lunch.

You just choose a Main Dish, it comes with one side
dish, then you get to choose your rice too.
I swear! I wasn't the one who over-ordered. Hahahaha.
Shahanie treated us! (Attention: Aina)

The have Fried Thai Spring Rolls (Php150) that were very good with
the tamarind sauce.
We had the Bone-In Chicken Satay (Php190) with Thai Fried Rice and
Son-in-law eggs. I'd have preferred it better with no bone.
We also had the Garlic Beef Brisket (Php220) with steak rice
and bagoong rice - which I'm not really fond of.
The beef was very tender, but a bit on the sweet side.

Finally... after two hours... 
(As Sof would say) Seriously...
The end was near... and if didn't snack, we'd probably
be dead from hunger!
The Halal Guys Philippines Menu
They recommended the Chicken and Gyro Combo over rice.
Small Php269 Regular Php369 New York Php469
After more than 2 hours, we could finally eat!
Assembly Line... I mean slowwwww Assembly Line...
Finally! I got our food! Thanks for lining up for me Kuya Lito.
The famous Chicken and Gyro Combo mixed plate.
Topped with their famous white sauce.
Also good with the red sauce (not in pic) but be warned, it's super hot!

The verdict, all three of us agree that it's good!
Is it good enough to line up 2 hours for? Definitely NOT!!!
But to be fair, I can't think of any place I am willing to line up for 2 hours for.

I also bought Falafel Side Dish to try (4 pcs Php99).
I don't know if it's a reheating problem but it was hard and tasteless!
In fairness, even if you go to the original The Halal Guys in NY,
you'll need to line up. Though probably not for two hours.
Photo Credit: www.thehalalguys.com

If it's just gyros, and wraps (and biryanis) we're talking about, I'd still go with Ebeneezer's (Hong Kong) and their winner green sauce, which you can read about here. But since Halal Guys are now much closer to home, they will do as well, just don't make me line up for it. just saying.

The Halal Guys
5th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall Food Hall
SM Megamall 

Saint Marc Cafe
Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall
2nd Floor, Building D, SM Megamall

Gigi's Custoroons
Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall
2nd Floor, Building D, SM Megamall

3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall

NAV Modern Thai Cuisine
5th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall Food Hall
SM Megamall

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