Monday, October 12, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding in photos

We arrived the day before the wedding at T House Bed and Breakfast. Nice cozy place, excellent service, yummy food, even despite our big group since the reception was also held there. Sorry, I didn't take more photos, but you can take my word for it.

Before the wedding...

During the wedding...
It's confirmed. My brother takes the suckiest photos. This was already the best of the bunch!
Photo Credit: Kevin Timothy San Agustin
Glad to see Fr. Jonj who we've been making kulit since
he was just Kuya Jonj at college.
It thrilled Sof to know end when Ninang Jem asked Lolo to participate in
the offertory. In her words, she said "Lolo's going to be flower girl too!"

Is that relief on your face Mr. Pablo? Hahahaha
It's official! A lifetime of this... starts now!
I just love these three boys... but no, I don't want to borrow them! Hahaha.

After the wedding...

At the reception... (***after I napped)
The cake was not just beautiful, it was on fire too, and it tasted really good!
Matter of (School) Pride Cake Eating Contest!
Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

You can watch Jem's surprise, no practice, song number here.

I guess I don't have that much photos of the reception because we were too busy hosting. Parang Game Show lang. Hahaha.

But here's a photo from the REAL After Party the day after. The last one standing were the kids!!!
Photo Credit: Jem Pablo

Hahaha. Actually, I just wanted to type that. Congrats again Ivan and Jem!!! So looking forward to spending more years with both of you living "a lifetime of this!" just saying.

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