Thursday, October 8, 2015

Learn how to cook a 5-course Thai Meal at Silom Thai Cooking School

Last in my series of posts on Jem's Bachelorette in Bangkok, which you can read about here, one of the surprise activities we prepared for Jem was a local cooking class.

When we were doing our research, I wanted to do a class at the popular Blue Elephant Cooking School, where the more serious wanna-be-cooks go, but based on the reviews I read, it was Silom Thai Cooking School that was more popular with the tourists, probably because of the extensive menu it offered at a very affordable Baht1,000, with a market tour included, which is less than half the price of Blue Elephant.

We chose the schedule based on the menu, which is available on Silom Thai Cooking School's website. With our track record of not waking up, we chose the afternoon class which starts at 2:00pm. They specifically tell you not to eat a lot of breakfast or lunch, but I'm telling you, it's also not a good idea to arrive hungry. Hahaha.

We didn't tell Jem what the activity was until we got there.
But it became pretty obvious when they started handing out the marketing
The market was walking distance from the meeting place.
Here they told us about the different ingredients we would be using.
Stay away from the lady when she explains heavy stuff, because she'll put
it in your basket afterwards. Hahaha.
The school is also walking distance from the market.
We were brought to one of the many classrooms for everyone to freshen
up and keep their bags in the lockers provided.
The school was very cozy, with a lot of colorful touches.
They warned us that Thai food was very spicy,
so bins were provided for the tissue to catch our tears.
The format was very simple, we would get a short explanation in the classroom/dining room, then we would go into the preparation area, where they would take us through ingredients preparation, then everyone gets to cook their own portion, then everyone sits down to eat it before moving on to the next dish.
Ingredients are all nicely prepared and they tell you about each one.
Popular ingredients in Thai cooking is tamarind and coconut cream, so we
were taught how to prepare both. We were snacking on the coconut because
we were already starving.
The first dish we prepared was Tom Yum Soup
You prepare your ingredients good enough for one portion.
I think I was too busy taking photos because my Tom Yum was not as good
as Jem and Tim's. Unfair.
Our next dish was Pad Thai, and thankfully, mine tasted good.
I love their egg holders, and how the finish product plating is already prepared.
This one has the Coley's Just Saying stamp of approval.
After the Pad Thai, it was time to make the salad and green curry paste from
"Making" the Minced Chicken Salad is a bit of an exaggeration because
they just talk us through the ingredients, mix everything, and everyone gets
a spoon to taste.
I was still hungry, so this tasted yummy to me. Hahaha.
Then we proceeded to make the curry paste. The color of the curry depends
on the chili that you use. My Green Curry Chicken came out yummy...
and I was getting full by then so that's the honest truth. Hahaha.
"Then you add..."
Think I can work here?
So there you have it folks! A five course meal... where you get to prepare
Tom Yum, Pad Thai and Green Chicken Curry by yourself.
Sadly, I was too full to finish the sticky rice and mango when we finally got
to it, I didn't get to eat the orchid! Hahaha.
Congratulations Jem! We're so excited to eat in your house so you can cook
Thai Food for us!
After the class, everyone gets a recipe book which includes not just what
you prepared for the day, but also the other recipes they teach. Winner!

Such as good way to spend an afternoon in Bangkok. Just don't forgot not to arrive hungry. just saying.

Silom Thai Cooking School
68 Silom Soi 13, Silom Road
Bangkok 10500
Online Booking form available here

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