Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rinku Premium Outlet Stopover Train Ticket from Namba

If you're going to Osaka and one of the places you want to visit is Rinku Premium Outlets, which happens to be near the airport, you can actually do it on your last day, before you leave, assuming you have enough time before the flight, to save on time and transport fare.

You can but the Rinku Premium Outlets Stopover Ticket
from Namba Station for only ¥1,710, and the added
bonus is that it comes with a ¥1,000 shopping voucher,
Your luggage won't be a problem because you can leave it in the train station
when you get off at Rinku Town.
Off to shop...
There's also another mall, if not everyone in your group is into premium
brands. Photo Credit: Sofia
Who wanted her own jumping photos.
They have a McDonald's too and my hilarious daughter cleaned-up for the
first time, threw even the tray in the garbage bin! Ooopsie!

I honestly think the pickings are slim, and in my two visits to Rinku, I didn't really find much to buy, so I'd only recommend visiting here if you have nothing else you want to do in Osaka.

I'd say the best deals can be found at Onitsuka Tiger, especially when they're
on sale. I was able to buy a pair of flats at 70off! Hooray. 
If you get bored, you can always hand out at Starbucks and avail of their
free WiFi like we did.

Happy Shopping. Hope you have better luck than I did. just saying.

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