Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kanin Club Fail!

I found the newly opened Ooma Rice Bar to be such a hit, while on the contrary, I can't say the same about Kanin Club, which I tried when Auntie Celita was here many months back.

We brought Auntie Celit to Kanin Club at the
UP Technohub.
Timmy and Ady ordered Aligue Rice which I didn't touch.
I prefer prawns with Aligue Sauce (our favorite Bangkok staple) which my
mom and dad buy from the Chatuchak Food Market.
We also ordered Crispy Dinuguan, but it failed miserably versus my
The Crispy Dinuguan of Siklab should be the peg. You can read my post
on that here.
Ady also ordered Pork Binagoongan which I didn't like.
The only thing that I think was passable was the crispy calamari.
I remember not being too impressed with the lumpia, but preferring it
over the other food.
Oh, I guess we ordered laing but it was also not memorable.

So I guess the title is self-explanatory. I think Kanin Club gives Filipino food a totally ordinary name. If you have visitors from abroad you're better off bringing them to Abe or Siklab, or even Ninak, which is more Asian - but then the restaurant's name is Kanin spelled backwards. just saying.

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