Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sof turns 8... (sort of going on 30)!!!

Sof is such a big girl (mini-me) now. I've never seen anyone as into their birthday as her. She turned 8 last Monday, but she's been celebrating since last weekend.

We were in Tagaytay with Tim for Jem's wedding last Friday, so Sofia started her birthday weekend spending the day doing what she wanted with Ninong Tim.

That included three hours in the pool! #therealafterparty
Swimming with the three stooges.
Don't share Chicago Mix popcorn with Fi,
she picks out the caramel ones.
I wanted to eat at Breakfast at Antonio's though, and Ichael even treated.
Thanks Ike! Hahaha. The mushroom foie gras toast remains my favorite.
The meatloaf is passable, and Sofia loved the plain ensaymasa.
When we got back to Manila, we shopped for a bit in Shang, then Sof
dragged us to CPK for dinner, when I wanted to eat at D&B!

The following day, Sofia had her Escape Hunt Birthday Party at Escape Hunt Manila (in Ebro Street, Makati). Technically, it wasn't really a party because I told Sof, no more parties till she turns 18, so she used a loophole and just asked to "invite a few friends". Little smartypants. Going to 30, I tell yah. Hahaha.

We arrived early because we told Sof's friends that the Hunt would start at three, so we expected guests to arrive before then, so we had a lot of time for photos.

If you're not familiar with Escape Hunt, it's where you pay to get locked in a room, where you need to solve a mystery to get out, and the challenge is for you to do it in under an hour.
At Escape Hunt Manila, there are three different rooms,
The Jewel Heist (which the kids did), Murder at Home,
or Trapped at the Spa.
The lounge has newspaper articles about the mysteries that need to be solved.
Oh, the ICAns can read! 
Sof invited 8 friends, and most of them were able to make it.
My favorite guests were the younger sisters I got to play with while the
achis went on the escape hunt.

Since we had enough kids, the recommended that we use two rooms (for the same price, because you actually pay her head) with two parent volunteers to lead each group.
Uncle Tim and the Mystery Group
Auntie Gene and the Mystery Solvers Group
 Wow. These girls are so creative with their team names. Hahaha.

Before the game, the game masters explain how things work.
About searching for clues, and you can use all the clues you have with
an added minute (I think) for every clue that is used.
Each group has a team leader, who is given some magic oil to help them
solve the mystery faster.
Ready... Get Set... Go!

Since this is an activity normally done by adults, we weren't really sure if the kids would make it out on time. Interestingly, both groups made it out in less than an hour, within 30 seconds of each other. Great job, girls!
Team Mystery made it out first.
Team Mystery Solvers made it out soon after.

After the girls got out, we asked Sof to blow her cake, and we gave away the loot bags (to keep in theme, we prepared a Work Search Book, magnifying glass and multicolored pencil).
Escape Hunt helped order Sofia's cake (with her photo in Escape Hunt gear)
from Martha's. We got the chocolate cake and it was really good.
My daughter takes cake blowing (complete with wish) very seriously.
Escaping must be hard work because the kids just sat down and started
eating. Hahaha.
Thank you so much Marc and Mike of Escape Hunt for the excellent service. Sofia and her friends had a really great time, and I heard most of them tell their parents that they wanted to come back.

You can visit the Escape Hunt site here, to book your visit.

Since Sofia's actual birthday was last Monday, we celebrated it by having dinner with the family at Kimpura, another favorite restaurant of hers.
Sofia's birthday is not complete without our favorite
Estrel's Caramel Cake.
Thank you Tito Balma for picking it up.
Totally by coincidence, Me and my Mini-Me were in matching outfits.
Sof requested for a private Teppanyaki Room,
so we don't have photo bombers, hooray!
She loved the "Old Woman who lived in a Shoe" book and gold charm
from London that I gave her for her birthday. 
We normally just order loads of Tempura (now at 45% off - no Sr. Discount)
and Black Angus Rib Eye Steak.
And Japanese Fried Rice of course.
Can I start eating na?
The steak was so good!
Especially the charred fat parts!
Sof as usual, ate the icing, using all fingers so she wouldn't double dip,
and took the candle blowing very seriously.
Instax Mini pictorial time.
Quite scary how she can challenge her fat Ninong to a
Belly Fight!
Sof's celebration doesn't stop there. My mom's birthday is two days after hers, so when it comes to asking for free dessert, we normally get two! Hahaha.
More birthday wishes... Sof actually told me that she asked for two different
things in the four times she blew her birthday candles. 
Happy Happy Birthday Mama!
On our way home yesterday, exactly six days after Sof turned 8, she was already telling me her plans for her 9th "small gathering with friends". She's choosing between a Book Party (since she's really into Geronimo Stilton Books) or a Karate Party (I don't know where that came from). But clearly, she got her party "small gathering with friends" planning skills from me. 

I'm glad you enjoyed your week long birthday celebration, Sof! Please wish for mommy to have the energy to do it again next year. just saying. 

Escape Hunt Manila
5773 Ebro St.
Makati, Metro Manila

Chili's Greenbelt
Paseo De Roxas, Ayala Center, 
Makati, Greenbelt Dr, 
Makati, Metro Manila

Kimpura Greenhills
Greenhills Shopping Center
Avail of their 45% off Promo to celebrate their 45th Anniversary
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