Monday, May 19, 2014

First Birthday Celebrations of Atlas and Vianna

First birthdays are always a big celebration, more for the parents and the kids of their friends, rather than the birthday celebrant, but it's always a lot of fun.

Vianna's First Birthday
Unfortunately, I wasn't here for Vianna's first birthday celebration because I was in London, but my wonderful friends took care of Sofia and even took a video of her performance as a magician's assistant.

Thanks Ninang Jem, Auntie Chips and Auntie Tiana for the video, and Ninang Vice and Ninong Tim for inviting Sofia to Vianna's really fun first birthday party.

Atlas' First Birthday
The barkada kids has so much fun at the first birthday party of Atlas. When we arrived there was decorate your own miniature luggage crafts for kids, and of course there was a lot of food.

Best friends Sofia and Viele
Sofia and Viele with shobe Vianna
For once, I'm part of the "early-birds" because we were already in the area.
The barkada (without Cha) who as usual was super duper late. Hahaha.

After we ate, there was a Magic Show. It was quite long, but the magician was very good. Even the adults were watching intently. I heard he even got featured in Pilipinas Got Talent.

Sofia, Viele, Reese, shobe and the yayas were first to grab front row seats.
The kids were all watching the magician so intently, Atlas included.
Viele got quite stressed for the balloon trick
she volunteered to assist for.

The kids really enjoyed the part of the program where they were invited on stage to sing and dance with the performers. Who can go wrong with Katy Perry and One Direction Songs! The kids, mine included, really went crazy in front.

Practicing the dance moves before the performance

You can watch them sing and dance here:

Happy Birthday Atlas!!!
Thanks for inviting us to the party
Auntie Wine!!!

Party planning is really a major production. I am just glad that for the next big birthday party, which is celebrated on the 7th birthday, Sofia has already said she wants a McDonald's party. You won't see me convincing her otherwise. just saying.

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