Friday, May 16, 2014

What I missed in London: Books for Cooks

One of the places I wanted to visit in London, which was just around the corner from where I was staying is Books for Cooks on Blenheim Crescent, very near the Notting Hill Bookshop, which I previously blogged about here on Notting Hill Film Locations.

Books for Cooks comes highly recommended on a lot of sites because they are said to actually "practice what they preach" or in their case they "cook what they sell", literally referring to cooking dishes from the cookbooks that they are selling in the desire of the owner to bring cookbooks to life in her store.

From what I have read in their Timeout London write-up, the cook prepares only one starter and one main, but you have an array of choices for dessert. Food is very affordable with the Set lunch at £5 for 2 courses and £7 for 3 courses. Regulars are said to start lurking around the area around 11:45am as reservations are not taken.

Trying to make myself feel better for missing out on trying this,
I just told myself, if their window display is Fish Cookbooks, most likely,
the featured dish would be fish as well. Thanks but No thanks.
Take Note: They are closed Sunday and Monday
and 3 weeks in August

Next time, I will make sure I visit them when they are open. Hopefully by then, they have meat featured in their store windows and in the menu for the day. just saying.

Books for Cooks
4 Blenheim Crescent
W11 1NN
020 7221 1992

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