Monday, August 25, 2014

Rustic Mornings brunch kind of holiday

Brunch at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is so good, I would totally recommend it. I've been hearing snippets about Rustic Mornings for a while now, and I've been really curious to try it, so I finally got the chance last Thursday, Ninoy Aquino Day, since I have a driver on weekdays and I didn't have to go to work - and I didn't know where Rustic Mornings is and I'm too lazy to figure it out.

Since we normally only get to relax on holidays and weekends, brunch for us means we leave the house around 1ish - because we're still in bed before that. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it rained really hard for a while, and I didn't realize that Rustic Mornings was so popular, we needed to wait to get seated when we arrived (and that was already close to 2:00pm!). It might be best to make a reservation if they allow it.

Rustic Mornings is very near the Marikina Shoe Museum - if you have any idea where that is. After you see the Shoe Museum on your left, just continue on the road to the right - and you'll already see Rustic Mornings to your left.
The weather cleared up when we got there, but Sofia
still had her hoodie on just in case.
When we arrived, we were told that we were 4th in line, but a lot of people were leaving, and they just needed to clean the tables. They also told us there were chairs where we could sit and wait - but we didn;t really see that - as all the outdoor chairs were wet.
Rustic Mornings has a cluttered cozy garden ambiance.
Bottle trees, wind chimes, and animal sculpture are
all around.
They have big tables, so if you're in a small group (2's or 3's),
they combine two groups in a table, each group at their own end.
The outdoor area has a lot of covered nooks and crannies.
They also have indoor seating, but it was reserved for an event.
It's a good thing the rain stopped and it was a bit cool.
I don't think it would be comfortable to sit outside if it's hot or humid.
We were starting to get hungry because it was already
close to 2pm, so we looked at the menu while waiting
to figure out our order.

I think they may have forgotten to seat us because we could see several empty tables and we weren't being called yet, and as soon as we followed up our table, they led us to be seated.

We got seated at this table beside the wall with
hodgepodge paintings.
Since Ady and I already went through the menu, we were able to order immediately, and surprisingly, the food was served really fast.
I ordered the Americano (because it comes with a free refill) for only Php65!
It was quite good.
My friend said they do unlimited coffee but I don't think I saw that.
Ady ordered the Tropical Blend (Fresh Fruit Juice) Php120
because it was the recommended best seller - but it's
not really her cup of tea. She said it tasted like sour papaya.
For our food, we wanted to order a lot because we were starving. So we chose an egg dish, a meat dish, and a sweet dish to share.
We ordered the Half and Half Waffle Php215
Half Churros Waffle, Half Plain Waffle (Safe for Sofia)
Look at that butter...
Sofia's version of trying half and half.
Unlike the homemade waffles that we are more familiar with, this one is
made quite thick, with crispy edges, similar to the Belgian Waffles.
The Churros half - packed with Cinnamon Sugar  is quite good.
No extra syrup required. 
We ordered the Country Omelette Php220 which was also good.
I just noticed that they serve it as soft scrambled eggs with the toppings
on top. It's certainly effective in making the dish look pretty.
This was our breakfast spread... with our meat dish missing!
and Take Note - Only Ady and I were eating a full lunch.
Sofia was just snacking.
After a while, our Tomato Curry Kofta Balls Php380
 finally arrived.
This was really tasty and flavorful - sort of a nice mix of curry and coconut!
Though the menu says good for 2, it won't be enough if this is all you have.
This was my brunch plate, it had half an omelette, a meatball (to start with),
and 1/8 of the churros waffle. Everything went so well together,
I would definitely come back and order the same combination.
Every table has a bell. You need to ring it persistently to get service,
like when you ask for a coffee refill.
Good thing someone really enjoyed ringing the bell!
I noticed there was a fruit on the table beside us.
I'm not sure if it fell from somewhere,
or if it's part of the ambiance.
I'm not really sure if Isabelo is the owner or the chef,
but Isabelo also means "My God is Bountiful".

Thank you God for the wonderful brunch! Please bless the servers and help them improve their service. If they do that, brunch at Rustic Mornings would be a truly enjoyable experience. just saying.

Here's the map to Rustic Mornings:
You can also visit their website here.
They are open everyday from 8:00am-4:00pm.

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