Friday, November 7, 2014

Sofia and Ninong Jacob Halloween Bonding and Discovering Siklab, a new Filipino Resto Favorite

Jacob is my cousin and my Godson, and he's also Sofia's Godfather - yeah, circle of life and all that. We invited him for Sofia's 700th Birthday Party, but he wasn't able to attend because he's studying in Hong Kong, so Sofia was really excited when Ninong Jacob invited her to go to the HOLLYween Event at The Residences at Greenbelt.

To make the most of Sofia's Mavis costume, she used it again, while Ninong
Jacob came as the Space Vampire (in his stinky helmet from Russia).
He has threatened to burn my house down if I post the picture where they
exchanged headgear on FB, so to be clear, this is on my blog and
I don't own a house.
Excited to go to the Halloween Event!
I stayed behind to catch up on work while both of them bonded. My daughter's greatest fear was who would take her to the toilet if she needed to go since she had no yaya with her, but they survived a couple of hours.
Auntie Stell looks like the Sea Princess in her get up,
which I happily borrowed for our office event. Hahaha.

After the halloween event, we went out to dinner at Siklab, one of the Schaperos' favorite Filipino restaurants. It's part of the Bistro Group and shares space with Fish & Co in Glorietta 3. I am not normally a Filipino restaurant fan (Abe being the only exception),  but this place I really liked.

You can order from either Fish & Co or Siklab, so we had the fried calamari
from Fish & Co as our starter.
The Spicy Tuna Belly was Uncle Joel's favorite and came highly recommended.
I enjoyed it and I normally don't like fish so that's saying a lot.
Jacob has the Crispy Pata, and I it looked really good too.
Too bad I was too full to try some, because the skin, looked like Bacon!
Auntie Stella was craving for the Crunchy Dinuguan and it was so good.
Tastes like Chicharon bits with Dinuguan sauce, but when we asked,
they said it's actually crunchy pig's face (yes, same ingredients as sisig).
I've heard great reviews about their Kare Kare as well, so I can't wait to have foreign visitors I need to take out who are staying in Makati so I can take them to eat here. I definitely want more of the crunchy Dinuuguan. I think I'm now starting to crave for it. just saying.

3/F Greenbelt 3 
Ayala Center 
Makati City 

Filipino words used in the post translated to English
Siklab is Filipino for Flare, Blaze or Spark (pertaining to fire)
Dinuguan is literally "bloodsoup" coming from the root word dugo which means blood. Dinuguan is a local dish made from meat and innards in a gravy of pig's blood mixed with vinegar, garlic and chili. 

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