Friday, January 31, 2014

Abis Japanese Steakhouse in Greenwich, CT

When we visited Auntie Celita, she wanted to take us and see how the Rich and Famous shopped in Greenwich Avenue. While it was nice to look, we weren't really into looking through the expensive shops. Outlet shopping in Florence or TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross shopping in the US was more our cup of tea. A quick look was good enough for us since we planned to have lunch at Auntie Celit's favorite Japanese Teppanyaki place nearby.

Abis Steakhouse on Greenwich Avenue
The server volunteered to take our picture. I bit blurry though.
Each set lunch comes with Japanese Salad and Soup.
The server gave Sofia a complimentary Ramune Soda.
It tastes like Sprite the novelty comes from the
marble used to seal it. Once the marble is pushed in
to open, it rattles inside the bottle as you drink.
Auntie Celita wanted to take Sofia to this place so she could watch the Hibachi (cooking on the Teppanyaki Grill) Show.
The chef making circle flames
and Onion Volcanoes.
All of us ordered the Rib-Eye Lunch Set (US$14.95)
You get a plate with Rib-Eye, veggies, and some noodles.
The set meal also comes with Rice.
The server really liked Sofia and even gave her free
Ice Cream, but she got irritated when he told her
she also had to pay for our bill. Hahaha.
The server who really liked her looked like an old
Uncle. He even gave her food to feed the fish.
Fi was driving fish nuts. She would drop the food one pellet at a time.
Look at all the hungry fish, fighting for one pellet.
It was a nice Spring Day in Greenwich when we were there for lunch.
It was quaint too, because it was the only place where pedestrians
had to wait for traffic guy to tell them when they could already cross.

If you find yourself in the area and in the mood for a Hibachi Meal, make sure you go at lunch. The Dinner Menu is more expensive. just saying.


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