Wednesday, January 15, 2014

P365 TE Day 15

Steak Frites from Le Relais de L'ENTRECÔTE in Paris

Travel Bite: Recognized as one of the best Steak and Fries places in Paris, Le Relais de l'Entrecôte does not serve any other main course. When you arrive, they just ask how you want your steak cooked. First, they serve you with a lettuce and walnut salad, then they serve the fries, and their secret sauce. It pays to arrive early for dinner because they don't accept reservations, so people who arrive late need to line up to enter. 

Location: Paris, France
Date Photo Taken: March 2013

P365 TE Points for today: 2 out of 3 (for now)
P365 TE Points from Audience Interaction as of January 14: 14
P365 TE Running Points: 44 out of 45 (as of posting)

You can read the background of Project 365 Travel Edition here.  
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