Friday, January 24, 2014

Ginza Barin Singapore

We love Tonkatsu and Katsudon. However, Tim told me that the quality of food in Saboten, our favorite go-to-place for Tonkatsu in Singapore has deteriorated, so we've been meaning to try Ginza Bairin which also just recently opened in Manila with a Restaurant format.

In the Ion Orchard branch, Ginza Bairin is a fast food stall.
You order, and pay, then you enter their enclosed seating area to wait.
This is Sofia giving thin ninong a hard time while waiting for our food.
We ordered the Special Black Pig Katsudon ala carte SG$18.90 (Php660)
The runny egg yolk on top made it the best Katsudon I've ever met.
The pork was thickly sliced and still tender, though it wasn't extra ordinary.
We also ordered a side of Kami Katsu (thinned pork fillet) SG$15.90 (Php550)
It's actually bigger than it looks here, we weren't even able to finish it.
Then we ordered Ebi Fry for Sofia but she didn't like it.
Might be the effect of seeing your Ebi cooked with the head on.
The Ebi Fry Set SG$16.70 (Php580) comes with unlimited servings of
Rice, Cabbage and Soup, but because it's more like a fast food,
you'll just need to ask for it, instead of being automatically offered.
They have a window when you can look into the
kitchen from the seating area.

I enjoyed Ginza Bairin in Singapore. It would be interesting to see if the Special Black Pig Katsudon is as good in the Manila branch. just saying.

Ginza Bairin
Basement 4, Ion Orchard

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